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Census introduces Census Enrichment

Census and Technology Partners Clearbit and Apollo.io deliver comprehensive Customer 360 profiles for better personalization – enrich once in the data warehouse and use everywhere

Census, the leading Data Activation platform that syncs customer data from data warehouses to key business tools, today introduced Census Enrichment to help go-to-market teams integrate external data sources into the data warehouse. Incorporating third-party enrichment data, such as those provided by Clearbit and Apollo.io, into the data warehouse helps companies unify and activate their Customer 360 data.

Marketers continue to look for new ways to personalize customer outreach, but they are frequently hampered by lack of data access. They aim to build comprehensive views of customer attributes and interaction history, often augmenting their own first-party data using third-party enrichment partners like Clearbit and Apollo.io. However, in the past this data was often fragmented in different systems, incomplete, or duplicated, making it difficult to achieve a consistent 360° view.

“Personalization is essential for effective marketing and engagement, and too often companies are limited by siloed information and complex data flows,” said Sean Lynch, Chief Product Officer of Census. “With Census Enrichment, we’ve simplified enrichment in the data warehouse, providing seamless access to third-party customer information provided by Apollo.io and Clearbit. It’s the easiest way to understand your customers, and you can use the enriched data for any SaaS solution – enrich once and use anywhere.”

Census Enrichment solves these challenges by offering the first solution that combines first-party and third-party data in one source of truth – the data warehouse. Because Census is the activation layer between the data warehouse and SaaS applications, every Census feature including Enrichment is built to be a natural addition to the data warehouse and to work at scale. With Census Enrichment, unified data can be used to:

  • Sync complete Customer 360 profiles to automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, Braze, Salesforce, and Iterable using reverse ETL.
  • Segment and refine customer audiences using third-party enriched attributes like company size, job title, and industry.
  • Use enriched data to power business intelligence tools, ETL processes, and SQL integrations connected to the data warehouse.

Census Enrichment reduces manual work and simplifies data flows by enabling teams to enrich within Census, then sync those enriched contacts and companies anywhere. Marketers can even uncover new insights and patterns that arise from aggregating additional data sources. Now, everyone can use more complete Customer 360 profiles to send hyper-personalized messages, drive customer engagement, and maximize return on advertising spend.

For more information about Census Enrichment, read the announcement here.

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