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Ceros Releases Editor Tool

Cloud-based design platform enhances the Ceros Studio ecosystem with new product that extends content editing capabilities to non-designers

Ceros, a whose growing suite of cloud-based creative tools (including its flagship interactive design platform, Studio) are an essential part of professional content creation, released Editor. This new Ceros product helps companies scale their interactive content by allowing marketers, copywriters, and other non-designers to get involved in the interactive content creation process.

Editor allows non-designers to update text and replace images, customizing interactive content without assistance from designers and without fear of altering the design. This new addition to the Ceros ecosystem streamlines collaboration, making the creation process more efficient, while providing access to highly tailored templates for repeatable customization and distribution.

Combining the design flexibility and endless creativity of the Ceros Studio with the ease-of-use and approachability of Editor, Ceros aims to redefine how teams collaborate creatively and how organizations can reshape their digital presence across a broad range of touchpoints.

According to Adobe’s Global Marketing Report, creative teams cite extensive project management, lack of structure to scale projects, and difficulty collaborating across teams as barriers to their creative efforts, leaving only 19% of their time spent on actual design tasks.

Editor solves this challenge by providing opportunities for cross-team collaboration and project scalability, giving designers more time to focus on new creations. Used in conjunction with Studio and Ceros’ collaboration tool, MarkUp, it’s a recipe for optimizing content without adding design resources.

“Editor essentially supercharges the power of the Ceros Studio and ecosystem, allowing anyone to get involved in the creative process” said Simon Berg, CEO of Ceros. “You can massively scale your creative output with your existing team. For any organization looking for efficient and impactful ways to transform their digital presence, Editor will be a game-changer.”

More Users = More Content
Editor gives more team members a part in the creative process, resulting in more interactive content across your organization and a better ROI for your business. Creative collaborators can use templates or update existing Ceros experiences to create more content than ever.

Keep your designers designing
Without being constantly drowned in feedback, design teams large and small are liberated to focus on their core strength — to be creative and to create more impactful content.

An amplified brand across touchpoints
Editor keeps designers in control, allowing them to set guardrails to safeguard the brand without limiting the creation and distribution of content.

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