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ChatBook Raises $1 Million in Funding for Chatbots

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Tokyo based startup ChatBook has raised a $1 million funding round led by from Monex Ventures Co., Ltd., Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, VOYAGE VENTURES Co., Ltd., and East Ventures Co., Ltd., Martech News  The startup has managed to attract key partnerships with Facebook, Salesforce and Marketo and has fully integrated ChatBook’s chatbots into the fast growing B2B enterprise landscape and with processed more than 1 million data points of customer information, since their start in 2018 Martech.

The new investment round will enable ChatBook to further capitalize on its position as the market leader in social media automation to strengthen their solution offering through product innovation and sales growth as it will be the key area of focus for ChatBook, which will enable customers and businesses transform their social media campaigns. ChatBook CEO Maiko Kojima, “We are in an era where marketing and sales pipeline development strategies are quickly becoming outdated at a faster pace.”   ChatBook actively works with smart marketers and advertising agencies that are striving to maintain control of the customer journey and deepen their customer relationships.

“ChatBook is changing how an enterprise sales organization can automate the tedious process of using social media as a channel to develop a sales pipeline,” says Kojima.  Many fast growing organizations adopting chatbots notice that utilizing chatbots in social media environments quickly help identify opportunities and freeing employee resources to focus on more strategic tasks.  Kojima adds, “Our chatbots will augment and automate the task of lead generation and provide rich data from customer interactions, as we anticipate seeing more companies looking to build a better customer experience through the use of ChatBook.”

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