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Chatbots: Latest traction gaining thing in Martech

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Chatbots have created a lot of buzz in the IT and business, both industries. With the emergence of AI and Machine Learning implementation in the language processing and chatbot development, this market has been even more tempting for the businesses.

Nowadays, businesses – from small to large – are using the chatbots on their websites and with their applications as it provides a good enough elevation to the customer satisfaction rate.

At Martech Cube, we see all types of businesses coming to us and showing a keen interest in getting chatbots developed for their online entities. From the daily experiences, we can conclude that Chatbots are the latest traction gaining thing in the Martech and it’s not a short-term trend.

Let us tell you why:

  • Customers want an immediate reply and Chatbots do that!

More than 65% of global customers have admitted that they abandoned a service request or purchase if the customer care executive didn’t show up to resolve their query within a minute. With chatbots, businesses can achieve such responsiveness.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Building a ChatBot isn’t that costly as you have thought. Think of giving monthly salary to 10-20 customer executives and compare the development cost with it (In long run). What’s better?

  • Ability to Handle Requests

How many customer requests can be handled by one of your most efficient executives?

4 or 5 at most, right?

There will always be a point when your team won’t be able to serve all the requests (and that too, 24*7). But this limitation isn’t with chatbots.

  • The Fun

Admit it. People love talking to bots, mostly out of curiosity. So, chatbots may do good publicity at no cost.

  • Automation Increase Productivity

As the customer query handling task is automated already, you may employ more workforce to do the real work, which will in-turn, increase your capacity and resources.


Aren’t these reasons fair enough to push you for deploying the chatbot in marketing your brand?

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