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ChurnZero announces 2023 CSM Awards winners


ChurnZero, the platform and partner for Customer Success, has announced the winners of 2023’s CSM Awards, recognizing five exceptional Customer Success (CS) professionals and their skills. The CSM Awards program is part of CSM Appreciation Week, ChurnZero’s annual celebration of CS professionals and their impact in helping subscription businesses retain customers and grow revenue. The five award winners were decided by public vote this week from a field of 15 finalists. These finalists were selected by an expert panel for their creativity, tactical know-how and dedication to Customer Success.

“Customer Success is a competitive yet collaborative field, in which best practices evolve quickly and leaders learn from each other,” says Alli Tiscornia, chief customer officer, ChurnZero. “We hope that the thoughtfulness and hard work shown by our CSM Awards entrants, whether in their digital-first tactics or their examples of original storytelling and engagement, will inspire new ideas for CS professionals everywhere. Congratulations to our winners, our finalists, and everyone who entered—we appreciate you.”

Open to CS professionals worldwide, from all industries and companies, 2023’s CSM Awards spanned five categories, each representing an essential skill or creative aspect of Customer Success. The categories and their winning entries, which can be viewed at CSM Appreciation Week, are:

Best renewal communication: Demonstrate the writing skills that helped you get a renewal deal across the finish line. Presented by ChurnZero.

Winner: Matthew Weaver, Customer Success Manager, CoreView

Best reengagement strategy: Share your proven ideas for getting a hard-to-reach customer re-engaged and back on track. Presented by Northpass.

Winner: Aleksandra Boruk, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Success, isolved

Best digital-first strategy: Detail your most successful technology-focused tactics for working more efficiently and scaling impact. Presented by The Success League.

Winner: Yair Bortinger, Head of Customer Success Operations, ControlUp

Best use of video: Show how you use video to build a more engaging, impactful connection with your customers. Presented by ESG.

Winner: Ellen Timmers, Senior Client Success Manager, Realync

Best save story: Share the tactics you used to turn an at-risk account around, and how the results impacted your organization. Presented by SuccessCOACHING.

Winner: Addie Batson, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, CXApp

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