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Clari Announces Optimize

  • Clari Revenue Platform now fully integrates real-time conversation intelligence to offer customers a complete past, present, and future view to achieve revenue precision
  • Platform extends breadth of revenue use cases by adding access to external data sources

Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance (RevCG), today announced Clari Optimize, a revenue leak prevention system designed to give leaders a macro view of their business to immediately diagnose – and address – revenue leak. In addition, Clari announced the full integration of Wingman, a conversation intelligence solution acquired earlier this summer; and new platform capabilities that can bring data from any source into the Revenue Platform.

“The Clari Revenue Platform gives revenue leaders the past, present, and future data they need to not just control revenue but help grow it,” said Andy Byrne, co-founder and CEO of Clari. “Only Clari provides the full historical picture and adds real-time capabilities to act fast, as well as the forward-looking projections to proactively strategize revenue precision.”

Leverage The Past: Detecting Revenue Leak

To properly run revenue, sales reps and team leaders need access to key metrics such as win rates, forecast accuracy, deal cycle times, and more. But without a centralized way of tracking data, revenue leaders end up having to chase down metrics through business intelligence software, clunky spreadsheets, and siloed customer relationship management (CRM) tools – all of which are time-consuming and inefficient.

Without a single, centralized view, revenue leaders cannot answer critical questions, such as, “how is my team trending this quarter? Are we going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue? How can I ensure my reps are doing the right things to produce predictably winning results?” With current tools on the market, revenue leaders do not have answers to these core questions until it’s too late because they lack proactive visibility into their teams’ performance.

Optimize solves these problems by connecting every corner of a business for clear vision and swift action. Optimize enables revenue teams to achieve revenue precision by producing insights from past indicators, such as missed quotas or projections, so the team can intervene and avoid revenue leak.

“Optimize is all about finding revenue leaks so customers can see not just where and why they’re missing revenue, but what they can do about it,” Bryne said. “No other solution on the market has the ability to harness past time series data to provide a historical view of revenue leak.”

Coming soon, Optimize will offer a comprehensive, full-range of revenue data and insights – not just from CRMs or activity and forecast-based data. The system offers a highly customizable experience to adapt to any business or team working style. Finally, Optimize has an engaging user interface that motivates sales reps to “close their rings” and provides a single view for the whole organization, delivering a more transparent and democratized look at revenue.

Execute The Present: Conversation Intelligence for Revenue-Critical Moments

This past June, Clari announced the acquisition of Wingman, a conversation intelligence solution that provides real-time guidance and coaching capabilities, bringing the voice of the customer into the revenue process – an industry first. Wingman is now fully integrated into the Clari Revenue Platform, enabling sales teams to identify revenue-critical moments in their conversations with customers and act on them in real-time to grow both their sales pipeline and relationships. Without Wingman, sales leaders spend hours each month looking at unstructured, siloed data that cannot be fully optimized to support the revenue process.

“Running revenue like a process means that you have a structure in place where you can teach it,” said Joe McNeill, CRO at Influ2. “When you can teach it, you can repeat it. Ultimately, you can predict it.”

Revenue often hinges on a few key moments when a seller takes the right action. No amount of after-the-fact coaching can win back a lost deal because a seller does not handle a critical objection correctly. Wingman surfaces the right information in real-time to address every revenue-critical moment with Battlecards. For example, if a member of the sales team is having a conversation with a prospect or customer and a key competitor is mentioned, a card will appear on the team member’s screen that gives competitive insights that can be used in real-time, to clear the hurdle.

“It’s not just about coaching your teams to sell more or about deal reviews,” said Holly Procter, senior vice president and global head of sales at Clari. “It’s more about running your revenue better – governing revenue critical moments for success and collaboration across revenue critical people, which includes buyers as well as sellers. Nobody else offers this collaborative, real-time approach.”

Trust The Future: Forecast Anything with External Data

In an era where data is king, organizations need to be able to access and analyze all relevant data regardless of where it lives – not just within customer relationship management (CRM) systems. That’s why Clari is expanding forecasting use cases by bringing in non-CRM data into the Clari Revenue Platform and combining it with core CRM data, call and email data, and more, to drive forecasting accuracy.

The ability to forecast with external data gives revenue leaders a future view into their revenue. This makes the Clari Revenue Platform the only platform that enables customers to have a past, present, and future view to achieve revenue precision.

For example, the Clari Forecasting module can connect to any database or data warehouse to augment CRM data and analyze how much product a customer has consumed. Revenue teams can then forecast a variety of potential revenue opportunities based on usage, as well as identify at-risk customers and determine upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With expanded forecasting ability, sales teams gain a future view into their revenue.

“Our revenue teams are in Clari nearly every day,” said Paula Hansen, CRO at Alteryx. “Its technology is a vital instrument in our operating rhythm and ongoing success.”

The Clari Revenue Platform is on display at Club Revenue during Dreamforce 2022 this week through Thursday at Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison St. in San Francisco. The event includes a keynote address from Clari CEO Andy Byrne during the Run Revenue Reception, taking place tonight at 5 p.m. The reception will feature special guests, cocktails, appetizers, complimentary LinkedIn headshots and the chance to meet with product experts to get in-depth insights into the Clari Revenue Platform. Register here to reserve your spot.

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