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ClearSale Names Eduardo Mônaco as New CEO

The executive leaves the position of President-Director and replaces Bernardo Lustosa, who will join the company's board in June.

Global business intelligence and risk prevention provider, ClearSale (, has just announced its placement of a new CEO. Eduardo Mônaco, previously in the position of President-Director, will replace Bernardo Lustosa, who held the CEO position for the past five years. The change comes as part of a planned succession process, marking an evolutionary stage of development for the company. Lustosa will continue his involvement with ClearSale as shareholder and advisor.

After nearly four years leading the company as COO with a focus on the Analytics IT, Products, Open Innovation, Customer Success, and Data teams, Mônaco assumed the position of President-Director at the end of last year. He boasts a strong track record, having spearheaded many successful strategic projects and operational development.

Mônaco began his career at some of the largest Brazilian retailers and ecommerce companies, structuring departments and heading up projects that delivered operational excellence and elevated customer experiences. In this new role, he will lead the next stage of ClearSale’s evolution with a focus on nurturing innovation, risk mapping, and leveraging opportunities.

“I’m so honored for the opportunity to occupy this position and contribute even more to this company that I believe in and value so much. We are very excited to see the development of this new structure and make investments that will allow ClearSale to soar to new levels in the market,” said Mônaco.

Elected as one of Brazil’s top 100 super CEOs, Bernardo Lustosa started as a partner at ClearSale in 2008 and assumed the CEO position in 2018. Lustosa’s leadership brought about a leap in capacity, organization, and scalability. In 2021, Lustosa contributed to the successful IPO of ClearSale on B3. With the transition between executives, Lustosa now holds the position of shareholder and advisor.

“I conclude my cycle as CEO in the company with great pride in the culture, values, and team that we have built over the past years. I look forward to continuing on as a member of the ClearSale board, with the full conviction that the company is in excellent hands,” comments Lustosa.

The executive transition was internally developed in November of last year, so that Lustosa could focus on more innovation-oriented projects, while Mônaco would be in charge of the company’s day-to-day demands all while receiving support from Lustosa on addressing key issues. The management transition process was completed on May 15, 2023.

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