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Clearyst° Announces Acquisition of Green Business Bureau

Sustainability tech platform completes first acquisition to deliver sustainable practices to the world

Clearyst Inc., a sustainability technology platform company, today announced its acquisition of Green Business Bureau (GBB), the leader in sustainability performance management for businesses. The addition of GBB to the Clearyst° family provides a solution that enables businesses to assess, implement and measure sustainability practices to deliver value to all stakeholders.

GBB helps companies efficiently evaluate the state of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and then guides them along as they transform into greener, better-performing operations through proven sustainability practices. Its suite of solutions offers many tools and certifications and can meet a company where it is on its sustainability journey.

Clearyst° brings together purpose-driven teams and innovation to achieve outsized business growth and impact through specialized sustainability tech solutions. It provides technology, including performance and intelligence tools, to help companies develop sustainable business practices based on data and actionable insights. It provides an avenue for companies to align environmentally and socially with the values of employees, consumers, and investors, which drive growth and impact.

“We’ve been tracking the surging demand for the type of solution that GBB provides across various industries and stakeholder groups, so GBB was a natural fit for Clearyst’s sustainability tech platform with our vision to help companies act on sustainability objectives,” said Chris Robinson, president and co-founder of Clearyst°. “This is the first of many exciting developments to come.”

“Joining Clearyst° was a logical step in our growth stage,” said Green Business Bureau CEO Tom Permatteo. “Not only are we aligned culturally, but together we will provide more value to our membership. Clearyst° is augmenting our operation in a way that will allow us to innovate faster for businesses and focus even more on the customer experience.”

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