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Client engagement platform Lumiant acquires Genivity

Acquisition enables Lumiant to support advisors in delivering personalized advice that considers a client's choices and their impact on their lifestyle, longevity, and legacy.

Lumiant, an advice and client engagement platform that empowers advisors to connect with clients and families around their lives, values, and finances, today announced the acquisition of Genivity, a longevity and health planning solution for financial advisors. Heather Holmes, chief executive officer and founder of Genivity, will join Lumiant’s executive leadership team as chief evangelist officer and be appointed to the Lumiant board as an executive director.

Launched into the financial services market in 2018, Genivity is an award-winning Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer (HALO), which sets a new standard of care for clients, providing personalized longevity models based on client health risks, lifestyle choices, and demographic factors. Using these models, advisors and clients can better understand their options regarding improving their health and planning for care costs in retirement, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

HALO’s projections empower advisors to develop highly personalized financial plans by acknowledging people aren’t averages. Instead, HALO covers all the most statistically important risk factors that affect longevity, healthspan, and years of disability or care, enabling advisors to be more accurate and personalized with their financial projections.

“Lumiant aims to be the central location for clients to discover, plan and track their best lives. This means combining the core pillars of financial planning – lifestyle, legacy and now longevity – to provide clients with a holistic view of their overall wellbeing.

“Genivity is central to that and brings the impact of lifestyle choices, health risks and demographic factors on their financial plan into focus, helping us to personalize a client’s best life plan with a scalable technology solution that lets advisors and clients understand the various levers in life they have to choose from,” said Blake Wood, US CEO at Lumiant.

“Its solution will expand Lumiant’s advice engagement offering, giving advisors new tools to engage with prospects and existing clients around their lifestyle choices and their impact on longevity. The result, clients live their best lives—longer and more confidently—because they understand the choices in front of them and the subsequent impacts to their wellbeing, health, and wealth.”

Integrating Genivity into Lumiant’s platform gives advisors a complete picture of a client’s life, enabling them to tackle difficult or emotional conversations around health risks and care costs. Combined with Lumiant’s other advice engagement and modeling tools, advisors can deliver personalized holistic advice at scale.

“Both Lumiant and Genivity offer new ways to engage clients outside of their finances, focusing on delivering an experience that connects with the client, rather than a mere service. Over the last few years, we’ve honed our experience in relation to longevity and health planning within financial advice and as we thought about what’s next in that experience, it was clear that Lumiant is the perfect complement,” added Heather Holmes.

“The combined offering is a gamechanger and we can’t wait to help advisors have more enriching conversations with their clients because of it. As a result of this acquisition, we can broaden our scope and better enable clients to make more informed decisions in relation to their life, health and wealth. This gives advisors the insight they need to deliver highly personalized advice at scale.”

Lumiant will continue to offer HALO as a stand-alone product that supports advisors in engaging clients and prospects on longevity planning and as a proven approach for driving lead generation into the advisor’s practice.

Lumiant also intends to deeply integrate Genivity’s proprietary algorithms throughout its platform to provide lifestyle and health overlays across its advice engagement tools. In doing so, not only can advisors discuss the financial trade-offs and levers they can pull with clients, but also what lifestyle levers they have available to help them achieve their goals.

“The Genivity business effectively doubles down on the Lumiant proposition of helping people lead better lives, not selling them better products. With the possibility of dynamic healthcare costs and ‘go go’ years vs. ‘go slow’ years of retirement overlaid on a client’s financial plan, our combined offering will give advisors and clients a deeply powerful tool that aligns their goals and dreams to their personalized timeline,” said Santiago Burridge, founder and Executive Chairman at Lumiant.

Lumiant HALO is available from today for all US customers and will be made available in due course for Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about Lumiant and Genivity, join the webinar on Wednesday, May 10 at 1 p.m. CT, presented by CEO and founder of Genivity, Heather Holmes, and Blake Wood, US CEO at Lumiant.

For more information about how Lumiant helps advisory firms to differentiate their offerings, increase referrals, and drive revenue while fostering multi-generational relationships, visit or contact

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