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Clinch Integrates Unified ID 2.0

Leader in Dynamic Ad Serving and Personalization Takes Major Steps Toward Enhanced Identity Agnosticism and Privacy-Conscious Data Communication

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, announced their adoption of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), a privacy-conscious identity solution built for the open internet, into their identity framework. This move positions Clinch as the first client-side ad server to incorporate UID2, marking a major industry development.

Pioneered by The Trade Desk, UID2 is an identity solution that allows participants to create an identifier from emails or phone numbers while maintaining the value exchange of the open internet. By supporting identity solution UID2, Clinch is continuing to enhance advertisers’ and agency partners’ capacity to utilize their first-party data in a secure manner.

“Given the impending completion of third-party cookie deprecation, Clinch recognizes the imperative for advertisers to prioritize omnichannel identity strategies,” said Charel MacIntosh, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Clinch. “To streamline the complexities of multiple currencies, we’re prioritizing identity-agnostic support for agency and advertiser partners. This proactive approach aims to facilitate a smooth transition for our clients amid the uncertainty third-party cookie deprecation brings.”

Clinch’s adoption of UID 2.0 aims to facilitate several use cases:

  • Implement a privacy-conscious identifier for creative decision-making, optimizations, and attribution.
  • Support sequential messaging across channels and devices.
  • Aid decision-making and measurement of creative efficacy across campaigns.
  • Simplify identity resolution at both the household and individual levels.
  • Support identity use cases on Connected TV and mobile apps.

“Using first-party data in creative decisioning and having the ability to attribute actions taken by consumers within their audience provides advertisers meaningful insights into campaign performance,” continued MacIntosh. “This, in turn, empowers advertisers to make informed decisions on how to better communicate with their consumers, supporting more effective and targeted engagement strategies.”

Advertisers and agencies leveraging Flight Control will benefit from:

  • Enhanced connection between CRM/first-party data and online ad engagements.
  • Improved data sharing between Clinch, advertisers, and their data vendors.

“Unified ID 2.0 is helping to rewrite the fabric of the open internet in a way that can benefit advertisers, publishers and data providers alike,” says Ben Sylvan, VP of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “Looking at third-party cookie deprecation as an opportunity to improve the entire advertising ecosystem is what we hope for and what Clinch is doing by investing in identity solutions like UID2.”

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