Cloud-Based eCommerce Platform Logicbroker Releases B2B Offerings


Logicbroker, a cloud-based curated marketplace and automated drop ship eCommerce platform provider, is proud to announce the official release of its business-to-business (B2B) product suite. Logicbroker’s B2B offerings center around Supply Chain Visibility and B2B marketplace and drop ship capabilities.

Over the last three years, Logicbroker listened closely to its clients, partners, vendors, and industry colleagues on what they’d expect from a comprehensive B2B solution. Logicbroker began piloting new ways to help its B2B customers get products to their warehouses or stores quicker than ever before. After a year of successful execution of this new business model, Logicbroker’s B2B offerings are available to the public.

“Logicbroker exists to empower our customers to continue to be innovative. We want to help them develop new business models, generate significant revenue, and continually increase the profitability of their eCommerce solutions. The official release of our B2B drop ship and marketplace solutions is one of the thousands of next steps we will take to help our customers,” Peyman Zamani, Logicbroker’s CEO, said.

“The Logicbroker platform has been about innovation and bringing automation to the forefront of the industry. With customer experience and business insight as our guiding lights, Logicbroker’s new B2B offerings ensure our customers evolve, adapt, and overcome any supply chain, marketplace, or drop ship challenge,” Chip Sockwell, Logicbroker’s VP of Product Offerings, added.

Digital Commerce 360 predicts B2B eCommerce will more than double by next year and already over 49% of all B2B sales are done online. Logicbroker’s B2B Supply Chain Visibility product allows retailers to have visibility across the entire order lifecycle for wholesale orders. Accommodating orders made by all suppliers, regardless of technical capabilities, Logicbroker takes on the burden of acting as the premier connection broker for retailers looking to not only automate their supply chain but also identify supply disruptions before they impact the customer experience.

“Your supply chain is really only as good as your weakest link. Not everyone has the same technical capabilities and the ability to connect to suppliers without EDI capabilities through API’s, other file-based exchanges, or through our portal is huge. We can handle these large purchase orders and bring more clarity across transactions with long shipping windows ,” Steve Norris, Logicbroker’s Director of Sales Engineering, stated during Logicbroker’s annual conference, Connected Commerce 2022: Evolution.

To continue providing the ultimate “one-stop-shop” for brands and retailers looking to drop ship, build their own marketplace, or both, Logicbroker’s B2B Marketplace and Drop Ship product focuses on the frontend order tracking automation. Insights into inventory availability, price stratification, shipments, vendor performance, and more are handled through Logicbroker’s advanced, cloud-based platform.

“We are so excited to officially release our B2B offerings to the world. Internally, we’ve already begun work with incredible partners like Babylist and Zageno to build and expand their B2B capabilities utilizing our platform. The team at Logicbroker believes no problem is too big to overcome so we’ve developed a platform that can connect to any platform in the world giving our customers a much-needed reprieve in an ever-expanding eCommerce space,” Peyman Zamani, Logicbroker’s CEO, said.

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