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Cloud – CXP, Uberflip Releases Dynamic Embed Parameters Feature

New Capabilities Enable Teams to Save Time and Generate More Insightful Reporting
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Uberflip, the leading cloud-based content experience platform (CEP), today announces it has released a new feature that allows marketers and their organizations to automatically add dynamic UTM parameters to their content. While using UTM parameters is a widely embraced practice, the dynamic nature of this new feature is in its own league.

“Most marketers are using UTM parameters already to understand where direct traffic to their website is coming from,” said Yoav Schwartz, co-founder and chief executive officer of Uberflip. “But our Embed Parameters feature takes this functionality much further. Now, those same marketers can create parameters that dynamically update based on variables such as who is sharing content and what is being shared, resulting in ease of use, consistency and next-level reporting. Practitioners will love it, and so will executive teams.”

Embed Parameters gives marketers control over the use of UTMs when teams like Sales are sending out content. The feature automates an otherwise highly manual process, increasing adoption among the sales team.

Now, salespeople can focus on revenue-generating activities without having to worry about manually including UTM parameters, while marketing can configure the parameters that get automatically added to embedded content – enabling proper attribution. The result is comprehensive reporting and deeper insights, without sales or marketing having to change their processes. Additional benefits include:

  • Quick delivery – Users can easily create and manage UTM parameters from a central location in Uberflip, with little to no learning curve or downtime.
  • True versatility – Customers can use dynamic UTM fields such as User, Campaign Name, Stream ID or create their own based on their objectives.
  • Easy traffic attribution – Users can attribute traffic from shared content based on defined UTM parameters directly in Uberflip Analytics.

“Being able to create UTM parameters that adjust dynamically allows marketers to truly understand the effectiveness of content sharing with consistency and at scale, which has a domino effect on all their other efforts,” said Schwartz. “This is yet another Uberflip feature which strengthens sales’ and marketing’s collaboration, directly contributing to more positive customer content experiences, and ultimately, revenue growth for the business.”

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