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CloudControlMedia Launches New Performance Marketing Platform

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– Now marketers can manage entire media budgets with QuinStreet technology in SAAS form

– Clients report increased sales of 26% and savings on paid media expenditure of more than 25%

– Eliminates blind networks, gives marketers direct control, transparency, and optimization

Cloud Control Media, a subsidiary of QuinStreet, Inc. (Nasdaq: QNST) announces the release of CloudControlMedia Platform 3.0 (CCMP). CCMP boosts media performance and increases profits for organizations using the platform across digital marketing channels. The platform allows businesses to manage multiple marketing and media channels from a single, customized, cloud-based solution. Even offline channels can be tracked and managed.

“Over 20 clients have tested the beta version realizing savings of more than 20%,” reports Christopher Roberts, COO of CloudControlMedia. “CCMP analyzes media channels including paid search, social media, pay-per-click, and others by campaign and segment. This enables optimized spend by source, segment, geography, and more.”

Absent a single, multi-channel platform, advertisers are forced to track media performance across multiple, disparate systems. The process is cumbersome, imprecise, and siloed by channel.

CCMP solves these problems. It can be integrated across organic and paid channels, including Google, Facebook, and third-party affiliates. It combines these media channels and their specific campaigns into one customized dashboard. The platform pulls cost, click, response, and other up-funnel data from all channels and campaigns and pairs CRM data with clients’ conversion, appointments, sales, and other down-funnel data. This facilitates managing pacing, spend, performance, and forecasting.

“CCMP connects with client CRMs like Salesforce to reveal performance by source, says Casey Cook, founder and CEO of Cloud Control Media. “Advertisers can then prioritize and optimize each source and campaign.” This enables marketing spend to be better leveraged, with fewer dollars going to each customer acquisition.”

By enabling source ranking, right-pricing, and campaign performance measurement through to the final conversion, CCMP improves on existing alternatives. Pacing and performance reports can be dayparted and segmented in minutes.

“CCMP dramatically improves the sales funnel for customer acquisition,” remarks Nina Bhanap, QuinStreet, Inc. Chief Technology Officer. “Media investments can be made with precision for maximum ROI. Imagine cherry-picking assets in your 401(k) so you kept only those that were the most profitable. That’s what this platform does.”

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