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CloudEngage Announces Major Platform Release

Powerful new audience segmentation features, simplified workflows, networked data, and easier CRM integrations make CloudEngage the best value in the industry.
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CloudEngage, the world’s most intuitive web conversion and personalization marketing platform, has deployed version 5.0 of its award-winning software suite martech news.

Said Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO, “We continue to speak with overworked marketing teams that feel like they’re being fleeced by others in our space. Our focus is to continue providing the best value, not only through our pricing, but by saving our client’s significant time and frustration. Our passion is building amazing and actionable features that customers will actually use. That’s why they’re turning to us in record numbers martech.”

Among the new offerings:

  • The ability to easily combine actionable audience segments for more effective personalization
  • Data network capabilities allows groups with multiple URLs to aggregate audience insights for cross-domain personalization
  • Performance improvements means faster personalizations even at significant scale
  • Web personalization based on email engagement
  • Private stack option for major enterprise accounts: completely self-contained data environments for enhanced security and performance
  • Structured data extraction: automated generation of segments tied to normalized product detail pages. Automatic personalization based on price, color, key consumer preferences, and more, leading to increased conversion rates

Added Wagner, “Rather than piping sensitive customer data all over the internet, as other marketing platforms often do, our objective is to create an integrated and secure suite of marketing applications, allowing our partners to increase web conversion rates without fear.”

CloudEngage now delivers a powerful customer data platform, full web and mobile website personalization, personalized push notifications and live chat, and email integration, all through a highly integrated suite of complementary tools.

“2020 is shaping up to be an incredible year for us as well as our clients. And we’re just getting started,” said Scott Rozic, CloudEngage Chief Growth Officer.

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