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Cloudinary Advances Digital-first Asset Management With New Features

Updates Include: Apps for DAM, Media Library Chrome Extension and Natural Language Visual Search
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Cloudinary, the media experience platform for many of the world’s top brands, today announced several updates to its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. The enhanced offering to Cloudinary’s DAM supercharges the user experience by providing a way to optimize and customize more assets than ever before while simultaneously freeing users from tedious, time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic, business-oriented work.

For brands to succeed in today’s visual economy, it’s crucial they provide their customers with a seamless visual experience. However, with at least 60% of today’s website data taken up by images and video, it can be daunting for brands to ensure they’re managing and optimizing all their visual assets with ease.

“We are committed to enhancing, augmenting, and upgrading our solutions to ensure our customers are able to create and deliver better visual experiences to theirs in the easiest, most efficient way possible,” said Neta Agmon, VP of Product Management, Cloudinary. “We’re excited to announce these latest advances to our DAM solution, which together will harmonize key business solutions with our DAM offering, allowing customers to more easily automate at scale and provide visual rich experiences for their brand.”

Cloudinary’s DAM solution was built to empower brands to create, manage, and deliver faster and more engaging visual experiences by seamlessly automating and optimizing assets at scale. Today’s updates will help brands win the ever competitive ‘content challenge’ and provide more authentic connections for customers. The new features include:

  • Apps for DAM: To realize the full potential of software, customization is a must even though it usually means additional cost and complexity. Apps for DAM help to compress workflow steps and automate repetitive tasks by offering one-click access to robust capabilities for creating, processing and managing assets tailored for an organization’s unique needs. Key features include:
    • App catalog: Prebuilt apps for automation, sharing, publication, and the like.
    • Future-proof assurance: An API-based, low-maintenance capability adapted for extended use
    • Simple setup and integration: One-click installation of an intuitive interface with quick access via contextual menu
    • Customization: Easily craft single or multi step processes
  • Media Library Chrome Extension: An easy to install and configure Chrome extension, which extends the power of Cloudinary DAM to any web-based application negating the need to spend effort or time on bespoke integrations. With the extension, users can search, find, select and insert images or image URLs into any web application rich text field. The extension includes having the ability to create asset variations with UI-based Media & Transformation Editors and full transform library URL actions.
  • Natural Language Visual Search: A new feature currently in development supercharges asset search by returning relevant results that are not reliant upon existing catalog keywords or metadata. This search function creates meaningful tags of common terms by leveraging a neural network of millions of assets, greatly reducing the reliance on manual or automated entry of metadata. Features include:
    • Relevance: The discovery of highly relevant assets based on visual content.
    • Natural language: Broad and deep search terms, independent of the existing catalog’s metadata.
    • Neural network: A network significantly more flexible and all-encompassing than existing models and trained on a wide variety of images and natural phrases.

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