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Cloudinary Announces Integration with commercetools

The Integration Gives commercetools Customers Access to a Centralized Visual Media Hub with Next-Gen Go-To-Market Media Capabilities

Cloudinary, the media experience cloud company that powers many of the world’s top brands, today announced an integration with commercetools, the world’s leading digital commerce provider, built on modern microservice-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless (MACH) principles.

Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce, commercetools provides the tools that e-commerce brands need in order to fully embrace modern commerce experiences. Leveraging the new integration with Cloudinary, commercetools customers can produce world-class visual experiences for any audience with ease and deploy flawless visual assets effortlessly across all consumer touch points.

“By adopting a composable commerce architecture, brands can finally enjoy the technological flexibility, agility and scalability required to deliver the one-of-a-kind customer experiences that drive engagement and long-term customer loyalty,” said Blaine Trainor, VP of global partnerships and alliances, commercetools. “We’re confident that our customers will find tremendous benefit in having a single source of truth for all the visual media assets they deploy across their composable stack. Leveraging Cloudinary’s AI-enabled media management capabilities and automated workflows, our users will be able to quickly deploy the rich media and immersive experiences that appeal to the modern shopper.”

Cloudinary’s MACH-enabled, AI-powered visual media capabilities eliminate redundant, high touch activities that are a drag on internal workflows and require a brand’s most skilled people to spend hours performing high-touch tasks. Cloudinary not only automates the tedious process of transforming images and videos, it delivers those assets in the optimal format and quality, resulting in lighter pages and faster load speeds. It also offers advanced rich media features such as image-to-video processing, image upscaling, visual search, 3D video optimization and more. According to Forrester Consulting, Cloudinary workflow efficiencies save brands 1,275 hours of time and deliver up to a 203% ROI over three years.

“By integrating our rich media capabilities into their composable commerce tech stack, companies can easily deploy flawless images and videos to product catalogs and create immersive product galleries out of the box. Along with support for next-gen formats like 3D, 360-degree and augmented reality, they can execute any innovative campaign they dream up,” said Kobi Schwarts, VP of channels and alliances, Cloudinary. “Bringing our capabilities directly to commercetools customers means that innovative brands that embrace composable commerce can move faster, be more creative and deliver more rewarding experiences for their shoppers than their competitors who remain limited by the rigidity of monolithic providers.”

Both companies are attending Shoptalk in Las Vegas March 26-29 and sponsoring The MACH Alliance MACH Haus, which is hosting thought leadership and networking events throughout the week.

To learn more about Cloudinary’s commercetools integration, please visit Cloudinary’s blog.

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