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Cloudinary releases several new advanced video capabilities

New Capabilities Enable Brands to Launch Video Experiences Faster, Increase Conversions and Optimize Content Strategy through Data-Driven Insights

Cloudinary, ​​the image and video platform that powers many of the world’s top brands, today announced the release of several new advanced video capabilities that enable brands to create and deliver faster, more engaging video at scale while maximizing the impact and ROI of their video investments. Cloudinary’s new AI capabilities for video are all available via APIs and include video generation, AI video cropping, adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming and analytics.

According to a recent Cloudinary survey, one quarter of all shoppers consider access to both branded and user generated video to be essential before making a purchase. Further, 27% have abandoned an item in their cart because of poor image or video quality. Cloudinary’s video solution is driving impressive results for customers. Fashion retailer Paul Smith improved sales conversion up to 45% on their product detail pages and sports apparel brand Rapha launches new video experiences 50% faster with Cloudinary. Dining and hospitality app Atmosfy automatically manages and delivers user generated video reviews from users across more than 5,000 cities worldwide.

Vorwerk, creator of the world’s smartest kitchen appliance, Thermomix, offers its users a vast online recipe experience called Cookidoo, which visually guides users through each recipe, including easy-to-follow video tips on more advanced cooking techniques.

“The seamless connection between hardware and software brings a premium Internet of Things (IoT) experience to life in the kitchen for any home cook, and Cloudinary’s image and video solution is at the heart of this experience,” said Simone Ferrigno, product architect, Vorwerk. “Thanks to Cloudinary, we have been able to automate our image and video optimization and delivery workflows so that we can publish new recipe collections much faster and help our customers bring a huge range of delicious meals to life with unrivaled convenience.”

Cloudinary’s new video capabilities enable brands to:

  • Create video at scale: New Video Generation feature allows brands to programmatically generate videos using existing assets, colors and text, reducing the time and energy it takes to create on-brand video content. Brands can also generate video-like effects from static images or create video previews.
  • Adapt for mobile using AI: Cloudinary’s AI Video Cropping feature automatically optimizes size, aspect ratio and focus based on desired objects in the video, eliminating the need for developers to spend countless hours creating video variants for mobile devices.
  • Ensure flawless viewing experience: Cloudinary’s on-the-fly Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) enables fast-loading, high-quality video experiences by adapting the video codec, resolution and bitrate of a video based on end users device and internet connectivity.
  • Convert customers faster with interactivity: With Cloudinary’s Interactive Video functionality, brands can add relevant interactivity, such as shoppable links, throughout their videos.
  • Get data-driven insights: Cloudinary’s Video Analytics helps brands get deeper engagement insights about which videos are most popular, which content resonates the most, and where audiences come from.

“Even as video cements its position as a top investment priority for brands, many struggle to deploy it consistently or efficiently enough to generate momentum – and we know this does not need to be the case,” said Amit Erental, Senior Manager of Programmable Media, Cloudinary. “According to recently released Comscore data* Cloudinary’s next-gen video platform is among the biggest video platforms in the US, ranking 5th out of the most popular properties in the tech category managing video content. The report also highlights the largest 100 properties and platforms in the US**, dozens of which are Cloudinary customers including Discovery, Etsy and Mediavine.”

To learn more about how Cloudinary’s AI-powered video solution helps improve engagement and conversions, visit Other resources include:

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