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CMS developer, CoreMedia Partners with Commercetools

CoreMedia Content Cloud is now available on the commercetools Integration Marketplace

CoreMedia, developer of the agile content management and experience orchestration platform, CoreMedia Content Cloud, today announced a partnership with commercetools, a global leader in next-generation commerce software. This partnership integrates CoreMedia’s open, best-of breed, API-driven solution with commercetools’ true cloud, headless commerce platform to enable marketers, merchandisers and developers to collaboratively create, preview, and optimize iconic digital brand experiences across all channels.

CoreMedia Content Cloud is now available on the commercetools Integration Marketplace at:

CoreMedia Content Cloud is an open Composable DXP and agile content management solution that combines a headless content repository with an advanced Web-based UI. It allows editors to access content from any source, combine content and commerce elements, and preview complex front-end customer experiences in real time. CoreMedia’s multiexperience content delivery engine can expose content in a media-neutral format that can be rendered by any target channel from web sites and mobile apps to out-of-home displays and point-of-sale kiosks and shelf-displays.

CoreMedia’s hybrid headless approach provides all the flexibility and support that developers demand, plus advanced tools for marketers and merchandisers to quickly preview, edit and optimize content in context and in real-time.

“With the pace of business accelerating every day, it’s not enough to simply deliver a great brand or eCommerce experience, you need to do it faster than your competitors,” said Ben Mooney, CoreMedia’s Global VP, Marketing & Partner Ecosystems. “CoreMedia Content Cloud integrates seamlessly with commercetools to empower companies to increase engagement throughout the entire customer journey and across any digital channel.”

CoreMedia’s integration with commercetools is based on an API layer called the CoreMedia Commerce Hub that is deeply integrated into CoreMedia’s platform. This integration includes the editorial interface (the CoreMedia Studio) including comprehensive preview capabilities as well as all content delivery components, including the Content Application Engine (CAE) for server-side rendering and the CoreMedia Headless Server for client-side rendering.

Key features of this integration include:

  • Headless CMS: Augment existing store pages and create new hybrid pages that combine rich media and branded content with product information and transactional capabilities.
  • Advanced DAM: Manage master files and renditions; out-of-the-box support for shoppable videos, shoppable image maps, editable text on images, slide shows, and 360 spinners. Edit images and deliver optimized renditions of image assets based on delivery channel and asset use.
  • Intuitive User Interface: browser-based access with no required plug-ins featuring drag-and-drop support; import date from common external sources, including Word or plain text; Edit content in any language.
  • Real-Time Previews: Visualize the entire online shopping experience on any device, for any customer segment, across the entire customer journey.
  • Smart Personalization and Dynamic Content: Content created and managed in CoreMedia can be combined with real-time product information, social activity, and contextual data to create personalized stories around any product or collection.
  • Global Publishing: Support multi-brand, multi-region, and multi-language scenarios with ease; compare languages for efficient localization; integrated translation management.

Additional information on the CoreMedia commercetools integration – along with details on how to contact CoreMedia about this solution – can be found here:

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