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COEE Kickstart Overseas Market Journey for global business

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On September 16, COEE, a cutting-edge China vape brand, held an international product delivery ceremony of ‘Sailing to the World.’ At the same time, it shipped to South Africa, Canada, and other countries. COEE is officially starting its overseas market journey, which means that its business layout strategy has entered a new stage of globalization.

COEE was established in January 2021 in Shenzhen, China. It recently completed an A-Round of several million RMB in financing. The QF Capital led to investment, and several strategic industrial capitals followed the investment.

The core founding team of COEE is mainly coming from successful mature organizations. It has gathered a large number of top talents in 3C, FMCG, Internet, and fashion. Today, the domestic stores of COEE have covered 180 cities in 30 provinces and nearly 5,000 stores and sale points in China.

The pronunciation of COEE is homonymic with the Chinese words ‘可以keyi’, which means can; COEE has completed the acquisition of the top-level domain name ‘’ from overseas companies and put it into official use. The domain name has strong brand recognition. It is not only protecting own brand but also enhances the promotion and user experience. Yiyun Liu, co-president of COEE, stated that at the beginning of its establishment, COEE had planned to expand the dual layout strategy of the vape market as the domestic and the foreign market.

1. All-round empowerment channel construction, sailing to overseas markets

It is estimated that by 2021, vape users will increase to 55 million. The rapid growth of users has brought a broader market space for the vape industry.

COEE is planning to expand into eight overseas regions, including 30 countries and rapidly promote the construction of overseas market channels. COEE will accelerate the overseas vape market as a black horse, strive to occupy more space in the global market.

2. Diversified product matrix, craftsmanship to make high-quality goods

COEE products were officially launched on April 8 this year, including the first-generation Meet series/Meet S kit and 11 flavors of pods, and six new flavors were launched in June. In just six months, COEE has found a variety of products, demonstrated exceptional new product iteration capabilities, and quickly built a diversified production matrix.

The Meet series is suitable for luxury users, and the wave mode makes the smoke experience unique and Meet S series is ideal for entry-level user. COEE lays out vape peripheral products and gradually provides a full range of products and experiences for different types of vape users.

Overseas market layout is an important step of COEE’s global market layout. After the completion of the A round of financing, COEE has more abundant financial background in product R&D overseas channel layout, and accelerate the business layout progress of the global vape market.

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