Collective Audience and Insticator Announce Technology Partnership

Platform integration to empower publishers and advertisers with AudienceDesk conversational ad units, audience data, and direct connections between supply & demand partners. Anticipated to significantly enhance revenue and EBITDA generation from Collective Audience’s previously announced planned acquisitions of DSL Digital and BeOp. Further build Collective Audience’s first-party audience data assets. Increase customer ROI on ad inventory and campaign performance.

Collective Audience, Inc., a leading innovator of audience-based performance advertising and media solutions, has launched a strategic technology partnership with Insticator, a premier supply-side platform (SSP) and global leader in engagement solutions for online publishers and brands.

The alliance also taps Insticator’s diverse portfolio of companies that include OKO, a Google Certified Publishing Partner for Connected TV; and Balihoo, a leader in multi-location marketing.

Insticator reaches over 350 million consumers monthly across its global network of premium publishers and advertisers that includes Kohler, Suzuki, Acer, Pearle Vision, Trek, Brita, Viking Cruises, MLB, Playmaker, Blitz, Evolve Media, and more.

To reach this global audience, Insticator’s 100+ team members and nearly 2,000+ independent publishers utilize the company’s unique Demand Marketplace, along with its suite of monetization solutions that include content engagement units (CEUs), commenting technology (Commenting 2.0), comprehensive ad management, and video advertising.

“Our new collaboration with Insticator, Balihoo and OKO Digital unlocks many new avenues for growth, and represents another primary ecosystem building block and validation of our vision, mission and technology roadmap,” stated Collective Audience CEO, Peter Bordes. “This groundbreaking partnership makes Insticator’s state-of-the art publisher network and monetization capabilities accessible to our customers and partners.”

The integration with Collective Audience’s AudienceDesk™ powered by AudienceCloud™, an innovative new AdTech infrastructure platform officially unveiled last month, will unite Insticator’s vast publisher supply and brand and agency demand with AudienceDesk’s unique performance-based marketing and audience data capabilities and further expand the Collective Audience ecosystem.

Publishers and advertisers tapping Insticator’s Demand Marketplace and Supply Side Platform (SSP) can expect enhanced revenue streams generated by robust strategies and a wide range of demand sources. The Demand Marketplace seamlessly accommodates all ad formats across various screens, ensuring platform compatibility and user-friendliness.

Insticator utilizes advanced bidding strategies to optimize win-rates and performance. Demand Marketplace boasts high fill rates and CPM, integrating first-party data into the bidstream to activate addressable demand. This enables retargeting strategies and inventory throttling, making publishers more visible to demand partners and effectively managing inventory.

“The integration will also enable Insticator’s partners to access our publishers’ inventory,” added Bordes. “It provides yet another core use case for how we are building our ecosystem with deep bidirectional integrations and empowering our partners with our unique ad units, data capabilities and more.”

Insticator founder and CEO, Zack Dugow, stated: “We’ve long admired the teams who have been building the Collective Audience and BeOp platforms, and have been impressed with how Peter has been bringing these two platforms together in new and more powerful ways. We’re excited to deploy our premium brand advertising capabilities across the entire Collective Audience network.”

Insticator will also gain new capabilities from Collective Audience, such as for managing quizzes, surveys, and contests. “We anticipate these additional capabilities will not only enhance our customer engagement efforts, but also enable us to engage more advertisers with increased efficiency and effectiveness,” continued Dugow. “Moreover, it will empower our customers to generate additional valuable first-party data for our platform and partners.”

Collective Audience built AudienceDesk and AudienceCloud infrastructure to empower brands, agencies and publishers with audience-based performance advertising and media solutions in a way that unlocks unrealized value and introduces a new level of integrated collaboration with partners like Insticator. Its modular infrastructure and APIs enable rapid integration with third-party AdTech platforms and applications.

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