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Columbus Agency Launches Premium Digital Marketing Brand

Digital marketing agency now offering Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Google Analytics, email marketing and paid social advertising for healthcare and other regulated industries.
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Digital marketing and data analytics company, Futurety, launched their new brand Futurety Digital, an agency solely committed to digital marketing for premium brands and organizations in regulated industries.

Futurety Digital focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing services including: Google Ads, Google Analytics, paid social media ads and email marketing.

In addition, they only serve two types of clients: premium brands who rely on SEO as a mission-critical function of their organization and highly regulated industries, where privacy and security is as important as success.

Bill Balderaz, founder and president of Futurety, clarifies digital marketing isn’t a new area for his team and the brand separation was inspired by several factors.

“We see an opportunity to serve larger brands and organizations in regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and government,” he states, “and we have the privacy, security and compliance protocols in place to serve these clients.”

In addition, Google’s pending Core Web Vitals update has led many companies preparing to stay at the top of their audiences’ searches. Futurety’s team saw this update as an opportunity to help their current and potential clients reinvigorate their entire websites.

“Google Core Web Vitals is the second driver of the launch. This is Google’s latest ranking algorithm change, and in our opinion, the most significant change yet. Literally every page, not just every site, on the Internet will be impacted by this change and it’s rolling out soon. We have the team to help clients gain ground before it affects them.”

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