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CommerceIQ Selected as Sam’s Club MAP Partner

CommerceIQ helps brands drive sales with Sam’s Club MAP through AI-generated insights, full-funnel insights, and automated task execution

CommerceIQ, the leading Retail Ecommerce Management (REM) Platform, is announcing its new partnership with Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) as part of CommerceIQ’s Retail Media Management solution. As a member of MAP Partners Club, CommerceIQ can help brands optimize and scale their Sponsored Products campaigns through its integrated platform’s omnichannel insights for sponsored product ads, and AI-generated analytics and automations.

“With a rapidly evolving retail media landscape, it is more important than ever for brands to have the right insights and strategies to maximize their retail media investments and measure success,” said Guru Hariharan, CEO, CommerceIQ. “We are thrilled to be one of the first technology partners of Sam’s Club MAP, and to enable brands to harness the power of CommerceIQ’s unified platform to grow sales on Sam’s Club through our full-funnel insights for sponsored product ads, actionable analytics, and innovative automations.”

CommerceIQ can help brands improve the efficacy of their campaigns, drive sales, increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and grow share of voice. CommerceIQ’s Retail Ecommerce Management platform simplifies how brands operate their Sam’s Club media strategies by automating retail media bidding, streamlining SKU management activities through unified reporting and bulk actions on keyword strategies, and overall campaign management. This can also free up the valuable time spent on manual tasks for teams to focus on making the most important strategic decisions.

“Sam’s Club MAP is focused first on providing our members with a shopping experience that is easy, convenient, and personalized,” said Austin Leonard, Head of Sales at Sam’s Club MAP. “We are excited to partner with CommerceIQ and share experiences, tools and opportunities that help members discover new products at the time they need and want them.”

CommerceIQ Retail Media Management for Sam’s Club is a force multiplier for brand advertisers by providing:

  • Competitive Insights: Brands could increase share of voice and visibility by more than 20% in 30 days using CommerceIQ’s competitive insights to identify where competitors are spending on trending keywords and shelves.
  • Integration with unified CommerceIQ REM platform: Integrations with CommerceIQ’s unified REM platform to connect retail media strategies with ecommerce sales management, digital shelf optimization to manage brands’ full holistic retail ecommerce strategies.
  • Full-funnel insights – Access to in-app and in-club consumption data for sponsored product ads allows brands to understand the impact media has on in-club sales.
  • Predictive incrementality estimation model: CommerceIQ’s proprietary model predicts the incrementality of retail media investments to help brands make better budget decisions that can drive sales growth.
  • Unified reporting: Self-service reporting that enables brands to build custom reports within seconds, with the ability to break out data by brands’ custom business units, as well as shopper channels like mobile, desktop, and apps.
  • Hourly bidding and bulk edit capabilities: Brands could increase sales by more than 10% in 30 days through hourly bidding, bulk edit capabilities and unified reporting which provides a single view of performance across platforms, placement and business units, while enabling bulk editing of SKUs based on real-time results. Save time with bulk edit capabilities across campaigns, search term, keywords and all SKUs across bids based on performance metrics.
  • Campaign Optimizer: CommerceIQ’s rules-based logic can trigger adjustments to bids and budgets to help make sure that brands are continuously driving efficient incremental sales. This could eliminate nearly 2 million manual decisions a year.
  • Flexible consumption models: Bring-your-own-agency, managed services, or self-service software.

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