Communication Management Software Firm Expands into Asia-Pacific

Messagepoint is expanding its global presence into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with the establishment of a partnership with Customer Centrics International, an Australian consultancy that helps organizations deliver simplified, personalized, digitized customer communications. The move to expand into APAC highlights the demand Messagepoint sees in this region for modern customer communications solutions, particularly by organizations in heavily regulated industries, including financial services, insurance and healthcare. Messagepoint’s AI-powered products include Rationalizer, a solution for optimizing content and migrating it to new systems, and Messagepoint, a customer communications management (CCM) platform that enables intelligent business user content authoring, optimization and management to streamline business processes around these complex communications

“With our existing presence in North America and Europe, global organizations are already benefiting from the intelligent control that Messagepoint’s content and communications hub provides across all platforms and channels,” said Steve Biancaniello, CEO, Messagepoint. “Customer Centrics is aligned with Messagepoint’s guiding principle that the content in customer communications is what is so critical in driving positive customer experiences. We are very pleased that Rationalizer and Messagepoint have been selected as foundational technologies within Customer Centrics’ customer communications transformation service offering.”

Customer Centrics supports the region’s leading financial services organizations by bringing together innovative technologies with re-imagined design and language to help clients and their customers better understand each other. Customer Centrics will leverage Messagepoint solutions as critical enablers of CCM modernization, content optimization and ongoing intelligent content management for complex customer communications.

“The adoption of modern customer communications management systems is critical to turning up the dial on the customer experience, but the process of migrating legacy content represents a significant barrier, often requiring thousands of hours of manual work to accomplish,” said Sean Sim, managing director, Customer Centrics. “When you design communication programs to align with the unique goals of a business, such as cost reduction, compliance, digital transformation or third-party distribution, you have to do things differently. Rationalizer and Messagepoint are game changers for our customers because the solutions not only substantially increase the efficiency of content transformations and management, but, even more importantly, they optimize the content to enable a better customer experience.

Biancaniello continued, “Our partnership with Customer Centrics is the first step in our plan to make a major commitment to this region where we see a growing demand for solutions that modernize and optimize customer communications in order to enhance customer experiences.”

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