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Community Coffee Launches New Dark & Bold Blends

Company's darkest roasts yet are available now with Intense Blend and Espresso Roast
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Community Coffee, the nation’s No. 1 family-owned retail coffee brand, introduces its darkest blends yet with its new Dark & Bold offerings, available in two varieties, Intense Blend and Espresso Roast, in stores and online starting today.

Intense Blend features a rich-roasted flavor with a smooth, deep finish. Made with fragrant Central and South American coffee beans, Intense Blend offers a bold cup with light acidity.

Extra bold, full-bodied Espresso Roast goes even darker, with intense aroma and flavor and a long-lasting finish.

“We are thrilled to offer the darkest roast of coffee that’s ever been crafted by Community Coffee. It takes over 100 years of coffee expertise to make a coffee this dark, this rich, this bold, without ever tasting bitter or burnt like other brands,” said Community Coffee Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing Leah Herrington. “More consumers are looking for darker roasted coffee. We believe we’ve cracked the impossible with our new extreme roast levels that perfectly balance the robust flavors of our premium choice 100% arabica coffee.”

In fact, according to the National Coffee Association’s recent specialty coffee report issued in May 2021, millennials are the largest group of coffee drinkers currently. Some 44% of total coffee drinkers prefer dark roast and drink nearly 2.7 cups of coffee a day.

Because the new Dark & Bold blends are Community Coffee’s darkest roasts yet, they broke the company’s Roast Indicator scale. Previously, the company ranked its roasts on each package of coffee from lightest to darkest on a four-bean scale, with four beans being the darkest. The new scale puts Intense Blend even darker at five beans, and Espresso Roast comes in at six beans.

Dark & Bold is available online at and at select retail locations nationwide. It is sold in 12-ounce packages ground, 12-count single-serve pods and 54-count single-serve variety packs featuring 27 Intense Blend pods and 27 Espresso Roast pods.

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