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eDataSource Partners With Kenscio Digital to Launch the Enhanced Suite of Competitive Tracker and Inbox Tracker Solutions With Subject Line Advisor and Subject Line Predict Features

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eDataSource and Kenscio Digital have partnered to launch the upgraded Email Analyst Suite of Solutions – Competitive Tracker, Inbox Tracker with Subject Line Advisor and Subject Line Predict. These new features are powered by Persado, the ‘Marketing Language Cloud’, which comprise of one of the world’s largest language databases with over a million words & phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing. eDataSource and Kenscio leverage Persado’s AI-enabled language database to generate engaging email subject lines with high open rates.

Subject Line Advisor

This new feature enables email marketers to understand the emotional profile of their target audience, improve subject lines in real time, and make data-driven improvements to their marketing messages. It maps performance through open/read rates over adjustable periods of time and recommends emotional triggers/themes that drive engagement.

The Subject Line Advisor also enables marketers to correlate among open rate performance by emotion and its frequency, deliverability & subject line themes and understand how character length affects subject line performance.

Subject Line Predict

This feature allows the pre-testing of subject lines and predicts read rate before deploying emails. It enables the comparison of subject lines against competitors within the industry, recommends alternate phrases based on the emotional themes within the subject line and predicts new results.

The Subject Line Predict enables marketers to create new email test campaigns within the Design Tracker’s dashboard, plug-in upcoming campaign details such as the sender’s name, subject line, preview text and predict open rates.

About eDataSource

eDataSource is a leading global provider of performance insight and analysis for email marketing, inbox delivery, and eCommerce activity, tracking over 60 million emails daily across 190,000 brands. eDataSource provides strategic tools and services for digital marketers, publishers, and marketing service providers.

About Kenscio

Kenscio offers innovative marketing technology solutions to brands and enterprises by enabling personalisation and one-to-one communication through Digital Marketing, Big Data, Analytics and creative-based solutions and services. This multiple award-winning agency has developed a strategic global delivery network to cater to businesses and enterprises across the globe.

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