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Compulse launches Compulse Performance TV


Compulse, a leading marketing technology and managed services company for media companies and agencies, has launched Compulse Performance TV, a smarter way to buy, manage, optimize, and measure over-the-top (OTT) campaigns across all device types.

The Compulse Performance TV platform provides access to inventory from premium OTT publishers, allowing advertisers to track the performance of their low funnel campaign beyond just completion rate, tying it directly to results that they care about. With real-time performance dashboards, advertisers will be able to monitor their campaigns and performance insights to optimize their specific KPIs.

“While most CTV attribution solutions support basic metrics, such as impressions served and video completion rates, Compulse Performance TV provides much more granularity to allow agencies, media companies and advertisers to analyze and optimize their advertising spend, including checkouts, revenue, return on advertising spend, brand lift, and incrementality,” said Raman Ahuja, Chief Technology Officer, Compulse.

The Performance TV platform is straightforward in its design and easy to navigate for advertisers with a four-step process: define your goals, select your inventory, place your tracking pixel, and measure / optimize your results. The Performance TV platform uses data to optimize campaign performance in real-time for the publishers, creatives, geo locations, audiences and dayparts that drive actions – not just views.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch the hardest working software in television,” says Martin Kristiseter, Managing Director, Compulse. “With our advances in data targeting, cross-device measurement, and attribution, our partners can now see and prove the impact a CTV ad had on a conversion.”

Find out more at or email to schedule a demo of the platform and get started.

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