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Comscore announces a new partnership with Adlook

Adlook and Comscore partnership provides advertisers with leading brand lift insights across audiences

Comscore, Inc. a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media, today announced a new partnership with Adlook, a next-generation brand growth platform, to unlock the way advertisers measure the advertising effectiveness of today’s complex media landscape.

As advertisers navigate multiple devices and types of media to reach their target audience effectively, Adlook’s now enabling advertisers to include Comscore’s Brand Survey Lift (BSL) in their mix of tools, to gain a deeper understanding of their campaign’s impact across various devices and tailor their campaigns for each device and audience.

Comscore Brand Survey Lift (BSL) studies have shown that when CTV is included in the advertising mix, a 10x lift is generated in purchase intent, compared to stand alone desktop media. Campaigns with Mobile included show a 3x lift in brand consideration intent over stand alone desktop campaigns.

“Information is the key to any successful cross-channel branding campaign. By providing advertisers with powerful tools to analyze and interpret data, our partnership with Comscore will empower brands to leverage Adlook’s broader offering effectively. With our deep understanding of modern media consumption habits, coupled with Comscore’s expertise in data analytics, we are leading the way in measuring the true impact of any upper funnel marketing campaign,” said Luca Filardo, Global Head of Solutions Management, Adlook.

“We are proud to be working closely with Adlook. This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate Comscore to advertisers, and help Adlook show the real impact of their advertising solutions. By leveraging Comscore’s BSL technology, Adlook will be able to provide advertisers with significantly more granularity, covering not just different devices, but also different messaging or mediums,” said Rory Graham, Director of Sales EMEA, Comscore.

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