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Consline AG extends its System to all customer feedback channels

Consline AG extends its Customer Insights Management System (CIMS) to all customer feedback channels, Customer experiences from social media to Apps and Warranty Data
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Consline AG extends its CIMS (Customer Insights Management System) to all customer feedback channels, Customer experiences from social media, applications, complaint/warranty cases, market research studies, and various other sources are presented within one system in a condensed and comparable manner. Hence, each and every content is ready for user-friendly qualitative and quantitative insights analyses.

Within the CIMS, all formats such as text, images, video, etc. are transformed with a specific methodology developed by Consline into “4C Content” (Comparable, Condensed, Countable, Categorized). Therefore, all relevant information on a specific subject e.g. driver assistance systems can be examined from all perspectives of customer experiences and be used to improve products, services or marketing. This means that e.g. product managers do not have to request this information from different departments nor have to do their own analyses to make them comparable, Instead, they can use all customer experiences with a particular product feature in an incorporated format, even benchmarked with competitors.

The transformation of the original content is done with AI and subsequent control by experienced employees. Therefore, Consline ensures high reliability of the information and an effective continuous machine learning.

The extended service offered is based on Consline’s experience of 20 years as a leader in Internet Monitoring and system-based processing of qualitative information. The service range extensions and process optimizations take place in preparation of the launch of CIMS 6.0 with over 30 new features and a completely new user interface, which is planned for early 2020.

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