Consumer Fusion Launches Smart Review Response Feature


Consumer Fusion, Inc.®, a leading Online Reputation Management company, has released an automated Smart Review Response feature to their software, a new tool that utilizes AI technology to build response templates based on the top sentiment keywords detected in the online reviews for a business.

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting to announce this new feature,” says Consumer Fusion CEO Brynn Gibbs, “On average it takes about 3 minutes to write a review response. This technology helped one major brand reply to 2,360 reviews in a single month, amounting to 118 hours saved! Imagine what your team can do with 118 extra hours per month.”

Targeting specific keywords ensures that the responses written by this intuitive tool are relevant to the review posted by the consumer. The automated responses also help to increase the brand’s online activity, which in turn organically improves rankings in local search results.

“Online Reputation Management can be time-consuming and overwhelming for many businesses,” says Brigitte Rubidoux, Director of Marketing and Product for Consumer Fusion, “Through the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, we are excited to continue finding ways to integrate that technology into our product to automate tasks and make life easier for our clients.”

In a recent survey of over 1,000 people, 90% of consumers said they read the responses to negative reviews. This new technology will help businesses stay on top of the increasing demand for review responses, especially for brands at the enterprise level with multiple locations nationwide.

Visit Consumer Fusion to download their white paper and learn more about this exciting smart technology that is giving major brands an edge over the competition.

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