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Consumer Intelligence Brand, Talkwalker reveals most loved brands

Uncovering the secrets businesses need to know to boost their brand love. For a faster, stronger, more profitable return to normality. Talkwalker analyzed consumer conversations from over 1,200 brands, to identify the 50 most loved brands in the world. - With insights into the trends shaping pandemic marketing, and the methods brands are using to tackle those trends. The report is supported by a series of webinars with global partners including Hootsuite, Pinterest, and HubSpot, to provide real-world insights brands can profit from straight away.
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Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence platform, has released their latest edition of their Love Brand Story. Continuing the success of last year’s report, the company analyzed over 1,200 global brands, to discover the ones that were the most loved during the pandemic.

By monitoring conversations on social media, news, and blogs, and by using their proprietary sentiment analysis and speech analytics capabilities, Talkwalker identified the key brand love indicators – the genuine emotional connections formed between consumers and a brand.

“This year, the report has been led by the pandemic trends” says Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO. “Yet, despite disruption across all industries and with consumer buying habits fundamentally transformed, our top 50 brands found ways to not only weather these changes, but to turn them into opportunities. To build stronger audience connections, implement new distribution channels, innovate consumer outreach & nurturing, and ultimately, gain significant market share.”

With the most loved brands list dominated by beauty and fashion brands like Huda Beauty and M.A.C., and entertainment brands like Universal Music Group and Fortnite, the list has drastically changed year-on-year. And demonstrates that almost any brand has the potential to grow their brand love. The full report includes:

  • The trends that drove consumer habits during the pandemic, and how the most loved brands engaged with them.
  • 11 methods that brands are using to generate brand love.
  • Actionable steps that markets can use to help boost their own brand love.

To learn more about how your brand can nurture brand love and genuine consumer conversations, with insights from guest speakers from Pinterest, Eataly, and more, join Love Brand Week starting on June 14th.

Or download the complete Brand Love Story 2021 here.

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