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Content Camel Offers Sales Enablement Software Alternative

The sales enablement tool for growing teams, Content Camel is now widely available with pricing plans including free solo plans and affordable teams plans.

Content Camel, Inc., the sales enablement software choice for growing teams, announced the general availability of their sales enablement tool complete with smart sales content search and pricing that matches the needs of every sales and marketing team.

Sales enablement has become a major area of investment for go-to-market teams, and space has attracted mostly enterprise software companies that cater exclusively to serving the needs of the largest sales teams. This has increased the gap in sales and marketing communication and hasn’t done much to solve the fact that over 80% of marketing content is never used by the sales team.

With the increasing costs of enterprise sales enablement tools, there’s been an increasing lack of focus on individual sales productivity and a trend to larger, more complex feature sets.

But expensive, bloated software is not an option for mid-size companies with relatively small sales teams of 5 to 50 people. These teams know that to be their most competitive, they need to ramp up their salespeople quickly, activate sellers on the latest marketing content and product launches, and continually perform sales content audits. Rather than siloed sales enablement efforts — for mid-market companies — it’s a combined effort between marketing, product marketing, and sales teams.

These mid-sized sales teams have grown frustrated with their out-of-control Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive approaches — knowing that over 62% of buyers will make a decision relying on up to 10 pieces of content during the buyer’s journey. These teams are looking for sales content management software that gets them organized and surfaces the best content for every stage of the sales funnel.

Content Camel offers the best sales enablement tool alternative for teams that are often transitioning off of these messy, disorganized drives. With Content Camel as their sales enablement tool, these go-to-market teams can manage their sales content by funnel stage, content type, content age, custom tagging, and organize content into collections for personalized buyer experiences. Content Camel enables these growing sales and marketing teams to manage assets like eBooks, whitepapers, datasheets, one-pager, sales decks, battle cards, as well as high-performing blog posts and videos that are traditionally overlooked.

“We’ve heard consistently that sales leaders and marketers struggle to understand what content is being used by the sales team, while sellers often miss marketing assets that are already available. On top of that, it’s clear to everyone that prospects want to be nurtured with content in a different way than many sales organizations currently nurture them. With Content Camel, we’re offering a fresh take on sales enablement that’s accessible to all teams and focuses on individual rep productivity” noted Dave Shanley, Content Camel CEO and founder.


Enabling sales teams to search, find, and deliver the right content at the right stage of the funnel from wherever they are working has a lot of benefits. Content Camel helps:

  • Sales team close deals faster by using content specifically designed to match the prospect’s funnel stage
  • Accelerate success within vertical, solution selling, and Account-based marketing (ABM) efforts by delivering easily configurable and curated content to the buyer
  • Get the most from content marketing dollars and prove the ROI of content with usage analytics that dive deep into the sales process
  • Never have to do a sales content audit again. Keeping up to date in Content Camel means sales audits are complete everyday, always.
  • Get the sales team activated immediately on revenue-generating launches and new content that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle


Content Camel has all the sales enablement features companies with 5-50 sales people will use with none of the bloat. This includes:

  • Sales Content Management – Track all marketing and sales content used to support the buyer’s journey in one place
  • Google Drive integration – Import content easily
  • Organization for closing deals – Quickly organize content by funnel stage, content type, and tags. Make sure sales finds the right content at the right time.
  • Existing sales stack integration – The Content Camel chrome extension pairs with Outreach, Salesloft, Pipedrive, Saleforce, Gmail, Outlook — anywhere sales teams need to find and insert content
  • Personalized buyer experiences – Deliver content for partner channels and prospects (in ABM campaigns for example) with curated content pages.
  • Sale analytics – Understand which team members are activating on the latest content and the most popular content all through branded tracking links.


As an alternative to enterprise sales enablement solutions and vendor lock-in, choosing Content Camel means no long-term contracts, quick set up and sales team rollout, and straightforward pricing without the surprises. Start a free trial and view our published pricing without the guesswork.

“Enterprise software is expensive because they have to constantly feed and fund very large sales and marketing teams. We want teams of all sizes to be efficient with their sales process, so we’ve deliberately chosen a simplified approach”, added Dave Shanley, CEO of Content Camel.

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