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Contentful Launches New Capabilities

New features and integrations enhance how digital and technical teams connect content and collaborate across brands, channels, and regions

Contentful, a leading composable content platform for digital-first business, announced the launch of new product features, capabilities, and integrations aimed at empowering teams to more easily connect and collaborate to build digital experiences at scale.

Today, many organizations struggle to meet customer expectations and seize market opportunity in the digital-first world because building and delivering digital experiences at scale requires expertise and alignment from multiple teams, including marketers, developers, content creators, editors, designers, and more. In an era where content is the customer experience, finding the right composable content solution that can support this work is mission critical.

The Contentful® Composable Content Platform enables teams across an entire organization to work independently but in coordination, breaking down silos, eliminating repetitive work and dependencies, and delivering timely, relevant, consistent content across channels. The new features and integrations for the Contentful platform underscore the company’s commitment to providing market-leading capabilities and value to customers, including Audible, Google, and KFC Global, who will be on stage today at Contentful’s Storylines event in New York City.

“With this launch, we are addressing some of the biggest challenges developers and content teams are facing in their quest to deliver multi-brand, multi-channel digital experiences,” said Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful. “With a powerful, enterprise-grade platform that supports 70 billion API calls per month and some of the biggest digital experiences globally, Contentful is helping leading companies compete in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

The Contentful Composable Content Platform now allows users to more easily connect, collaborate and scale digital experiences. The new capabilities include the following:

Connect: Utilize powerful orchestration of content and tools across brands and teams, as well as commerce and marketing channels. New pre-built integrations, like the Shopify Connector, the Contentful SAP Commerce Cloud Connector, and the Google Analytics 4 app, enable users to enhance their systems. Users can also orchestrate workflows across their entire content graph with internal and 3rd party systems and data to launch new digital experiences faster, with greater consistency and flexibility.

Collaborate: Empower teams to collaborate with enhanced workflows, powerful live preview editorial experience, and streamlined teamwork. The new Live Preview enables enhanced content visualization and optimization, including extended content testing and personalization with Ninetailed integration. Users can take advantage of simplified and more intuitive content modeling, and remove production silos with @mentions and infield comments for faster collaboration with the team.

Scale: Build intelligent digital experiences with powerful AI tools, integrations, and apps.
The new AI Content Generator allows users to quickly and easily generate on-brand content and translate into a wide range of languages. The Contentful AI Content Model Generator will enable greater speed and agility. Users can trust their infrastructure with a platform that supports 70 billion API calls per month, with thousands of off-the-shelf and custom apps and integrations. Users can also accelerate time-to-market with the new starter templates for websites, blogs and ecommerce.

“By leveraging the power of Contentful’s composable content platform, digital teams can accelerate their workflow and seamlessly collaborate with others, resulting in the creation of high-quality digital experiences like never before,” said Andy Kaiser, CEO and co-founder of Ninetailed. “With Ninetailed integration, content creators can easily extend their workflow in Contentful’s Live Preview feature by testing and personalizing content, optimizing it for their audience, and delivering outstanding experiences that truly engage.”

The new features, capabilities and integrations for the Contentful Composable Content Platform will begin rolling out to customers with most generally available now and others, such as the AI Content Model Generator, becoming available in 2H 2023. To learn more, visit:

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