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ContentOvation aims to take ‘the suck’ out of B2B digital marketing

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ContentOvation, a B2B content marketing agency, officially launched its services today. The startup is founded upon and committed to the contrarian principle that audiences will engage with high-quality content for longer than it takes to read 140 characters.

Most content marketers, however, generally subscribe to theories about “the attention economy,” often citing data such as a LinkedIn report that finds there are 4.6 billion pieces of content created every day, or an oft-cited Microsoft study claiming the average human attention span has shrunk to eight seconds, one second shorter than that of a goldfish.

“I don’t know about that,” chuckles Jamie Green, founder and president of ContentOvation. “I don’t even know how you measure a fish’s attention span. What I do know for certain is that there is a deep need among B2B audiences for compelling and engaging content that informs and guides purchase decisions.”

Green has extensive experience building and engaging B2B audiences, having been the content architect behind sites such as,,, and several others.

“I’ve helped to build the largest sites in the insurance, financial services, and employee benefits industries,” continues Green. “I know from experience there is a high demand in B2B sales channels for content that is credible, helpful, and relevant.”

As a content marketing agency specializing in B2B, ContentOvation helps brands define themselves, communicate their unique brand identities, and earn trust among customers and channel partners to build a loyal audience and, in the process, grow their bottom lines.

“Your customers identify with your brand identity through your content, provided that content is relevant and engaging,” says Green. “And when you attract an audience with content that properly reflects your brand identity and builds trust among that audience, you hedge against a future that is uncertain and a business landscape that is always shifting below your feet.”

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