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Contentstack Makes New Offering Announcements

Equipping enterprise customers with industry-leading solutions, training and certifications to accelerate composable digital experience journeys and digital-first business outcomes

Contentstack, the composable digital experience platform (DXP) category leader and pioneer, today announced at ContentCon, the company’s second-annual users’ conference, the general availability of Contentstack Launch, plus the launch of Contentstack Academy and the Go Composable resource site. The new offerings will help organizations accelerate the adoption of composable digital technologies to drive digital transformation strategies and positive business outcomes.

Contentstack Launch
Contentstack announced the general availability of Contentstack Launch,  the first-of-its-kind, integrated front-end hosting service, enabling customers to build and push front-end code live with just a few clicks. Integrated with the Contentstack headless CMS, Contentstack now delivers a fully automated Composable DXP experience, providing a seamless digital experience creation process from code to presentation. The company demonstrated onstage the creation and launch of a fully composable digital experience from back-end code and APIs to front-end web site, performed and automated through a simple set of steps and clicks. The demonstration highlighted a dramatic gain in speed and simplicity, addressing the shortcomings of legacy digital experience suites while significantly simplifying the complexities of open, composable architectures.

Contentstack Academy
Contentstack also announced the new Contentstack Academy, a training and certification platform designed to empower composable digital experience developers, content creators and digital marketing practitioners. The Contentstack Academy comprises a rich library of on-demand courses and learning modules, ranging from Contentstack platform fundamentals to advanced development techniques.

Through the Academy, customers and partners will have access to predefined guided learning paths and certifications – available during the second quarter of this year – designed so teams can quickly and confidently master the design and implementation fundamentals underlying composable digital architectures and experience creation.

Additionally, the Academy will soon provide a detailed Product Knowledge Base to easily and quickly answer user-level questions. Combined with a sample app, learners will be able to acquire practical knowledge while gaining hands-on experience with the Contentstack platform.

Go Composable Resource Site
Additionally, Contentstack unveiled a new Go Composable resource site to educate executives, digital content professionals and developers about the power and value of adopting composable digital experience architectures and solutions. The resource site features educational content to provide an enterprise guide to adopting composable technologies and strategies to make the creation of exceptional digital customer experiences easier.

“Across industries, business and technical leaders alike are re-evaluating their digital experience investments to remain competitive in the growing digital-first economy,” said Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO of Contentstack. “Our latest announcements demonstrate our renewed commitment to provide market-leading composable DXP technology. Taking this a step further, we deliver the training and certification resources to ensure brands can develop expertise and achieve composable success at any scale.”

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