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Contlo unveils Brand AI Model™

Allowing businesses to orchestrate all their marketing activities with their Brand's own AI model by contextually generating personalized marketing creatives including emails, images, copies etc.

Contlo, a Delaware-based leading AI marketing platform has announced the launch of its Brand AI Model™. Being first of its kind, Brand AI Model™ allows businesses to build their own customizable generative AI model fueled by their brand’s own personality. The self-learning AI model will allow businesses to deploy hyper-personalized marketing activities across customer touchpoints.

To set up the Brand AI Model™, businesses provide a combination of inputs such as brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic attributes that represent the brand. The AI model understands the brand and creates personalized marketing strategies, such as creative generation, generative customer journeys, autonomous segments, and campaigns.

Trained over 100s of millions of brand-customer interaction data sets, Brand AI Model™ continues to learn more about the brand as it analyses marketing performance. Leveraging deep learning and foundational models, Brand AI Model™ learns through its self-improving feedback loop creating a flywheel of continuously improving marketing activities and outcomes.

Within minutes of training Brand AI Model™, marketers can generate brand consistent emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. Businesses can leverage their Brand AI Model™ to generate impactful email subject lines, preheaders, and email to boost CTR and open rates along with using auto-generated SMS and WhatsApp texts to retarget their customers much more effectively.

Marketing automation as we know it today has failed to deliver on its promise. We are disrupting the field of marketing automation by creating a new category of Autonomous Generative Marketing, ” Ishaan Bhola, Co-founder & CEO, Contlo stated.

By introducing Brand AI Model™ to their marketing stack, businesses will be able to autonomously create segments and campaigns.

Talking about the future of AI Marketing, Ishaan Bhola said, “At Contlo, we are building the world’s foremost Marketing AGI company by creating breakthroughs in foundationally important AI technologies. We believe every brand in the world will be powered by their own Brand AI Model and we are enabling that future of democratizing AI for marketing.

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