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Conversica Recognized as Best Fit for B2B Sales & Marketing Teams

Company Named 'A Strong Performer' Focused on The B2B Revenue Engine

Conversica, Inc., the leader in Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams, was named ‘A Strong Performer’ and cited as a best fit for aligned B2B sales and marketing teams as stated in The Forrester New Wave: Conversation Automation Solutions, Q3 2022.

According to Forrester’s New Wave report, Conversica is an established player focused on the B2B revenue engine and offers extensive prebuilt skills designed to support B2B marketing and sales to optimize revenue team functions. Reference customers praised Conversica’s solution’s ability to scale lead qualification and follow-up activities.

Forrester evaluated 10 providers across 10 categories in the Conversation Automation Solutions (CAS) space to help B2B buyers choose the most appropriate solution for their needs.

AI For Revenue Teams

“If you are a mid-market or enterprise company, you want to look at your top three choices. We believe the Forrester results demonstrate Conversica’s growth momentum serving B2B marketers—a space we entered in early 2020 leveraging our flagship success in B2B sales starting with the first AI-based sales digital assistant product launched in 2009. We have aggressively improved and expanded our interface and channel capabilities of our platform for marketing use-cases over the last two years,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. “With billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade, Conversica is the only player capable of delivering AI-powered digital assistants that can facilitate dynamic and intelligent dialog that takes the next best actions, incorporates insights and orchestrates these across any marketing, sales, and customer success tech stack.”

With authentic, human-like conversations supporting the entire customer journey, Conversica is the strongest and best-positioned Conversational AI provider for mid-market and enterprise companies that adopt a holistic approach to Conversational Automation across marketing, sales, and customer success teams. With fast deployment leveraging Conversica’s library of hundreds of optimized conversations, customers see a very fast time-to-value (often launching in a single day), supported by the ability to scale quickly and the low maintenance of the platform.

The key differentiator for Conversica’s solutions is the use of AI to dynamically generate back-and-forth conversations with humanlike variability, meaning each individual in a recipient list gets unique messages, even if they’re all being driven by the same goal. This allows Conversica’s AI Assistants to provide natural variations (compared to bulk messages or manual outreach that follows the same template) — multiple recipients in the same company, for example, will all get a slightly different initial message, as well as a unique exchange with the AI on-going, to enhance the human feeling of the conversation.

“Conversica is the industry leader in revenue-centric Conversational AI solutions. Forrester’s Wave results highlight, in our opinion, our capabilities to enhance enterprise revenue teams, freeing them from many of the time-consuming but necessary tasks to focus on revenue growth,” said Kaskade.

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