Conversational AI

Conversica Unveils Powerfully Human™ AI Capabilities

New Generation Revenue Digital Assistants™ Feature Major Advancements Built to Uniquely Fuel Revenue Growth; Scale Conversational Engagement with Real-Life, Two-Way Interactions

Conversica, Inc., the leading provider of conversation automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, today unveils the most humanlike AI advancements available to its Conversational AI platform. The new Conversica Chat and Conversica Answers enable the company’s Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) to engage every lead, prospect, and customer in unscripted conversations with authentic, AI-generated web chat, SMS, and email. For the first time, revenue teams are able to trust RDAs to execute business objectives autonomously and work alongside their human counterparts, increasing capacity and freeing teams to focus on strategic activities while simultaneously delivering stellar customer experiences and dramatically growing revenue opportunities. A demonstration of the announcement will be simulcast today at 11 a.m. PDT at the W Hotel in San Francisco.

Conversica’s new generation of Revenue Digital Assistants arrives at a pivotal time for businesses. With company budgets tightening and customer expectations for brand interactions continuously increasing, revenue teams across industries are required to do more with less.

“As the economy continues to change, the old growth model—working one customer at a time—no longer works,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. “Businesses simply can’t staff to the level needed for one-to-one conversations with every prospect, lead, and existing customer. And today’s buyers are too savvy to be moved by the many one-way message blasts or, worse, scripted bots that are painfully programmed to route frustrated customers to an already overwhelmed human.”

Unlike scripted bots that force people down a predefined path, Conversica’s AI-powered RDAs leverage the most advanced, largest language models available to quickly interpret open-ended questions and dynamically generate responses just like a human would. With over a decade of expertise in AI that benefits from being trained by billions of revenue-centric interactions, Conversica’s RDAs have evolved and learned how to influence and persuade customers and prospects throughout buyers’ lifecycles. Customers benefit from solutions that offer an average of 24x return on investment, 40-50% conversion rates, and 5x more pipeline, at reduced costs to the business.

“The impact of Conversica’s RDAs goes way beyond our expectations, and the new advancements up the ante,” said David Shell, Director of Global Omnichannel Demand Marketing at Rockwell Automation, a Conversica customer. “The potential to increase productivity, lower costs, accelerate the velocity of leads in the pipeline and multiply staff efforts make Conversica’s solutions vital for fueling revenue growth.”

New advancements include:

  • Conversica Chat that is powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) solution that engages web visitors in the moment through dynamically generated dialog which goes far beyond the scripted workflows of simple chatbots. RDAs autonomously answer open-ended questions, connect visitors with the right resources, and set up demos or follow-up meetings to unlock revenue opportunities. No programming is required, which makes this solution uniquely game-changing. In the future, this same NLP technology will be applied across channels, including voice.
  • Conversica Answers enable Revenue Digital Assistants to learn customers’ businesses FAQ automatically, so they can autonomously and authentically answer questions across any channel, in any language, at any point in the customer journey where businesses want strict governance around the answers, such as in highly regulated industries or for companies with very specific brand guidelines.
  • Conversica Premium Skills power Revenue Digital Assistants with the knowledge to act like a human member of the team. Premium Skills enable RDAs to leverage sophisticated segmentation and insights from across the enterprise to deliver more highly personalized customer experiences. These skills have enriched content from insight platforms like Account Based Marketing, Customer Data Platforms, and even CRM platforms with recommendation capabilities like Salesforce’s Einstein.

“Companies must deliver personalized, back-and-forth, human-like conversations to their contacts at every point in the customer journey. Otherwise, they’re leaving revenue on the table,” Kaskade said. “Conversica’s RDAs feature a new level of Powerfully Human exchanges powered by the most advanced conversational AI technology on the market today. One can no longer tell the difference between a human and a Conversica RDA. Welcome to the new era of business where no revenue opportunity is missed!”

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