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A unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up that helps marketers, solopreneurs, and influencers create Social Media content effortlessly.
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Social media has brought about a revolutionary change in the way of life and wants to add more to it — in ways never imagined before. brings a revolutionary AI-based social media assistant to individuals and businesses to get content inspiration and create unique personalized content for different social media platforms, without spending a lot of time and effort. is a cloud-based AI-SAAS platform where users can get multiple Social Media Content options in just a few clicks. The users can also customize the platform to ensure their social media posts are in-sync with their brand language.

The process is simple and starts with entering a one-line description of the product, business, or campaign and asking the AI to generate multiple post ideas. The users need not take any step further — let the AI work for them as it will execute the post ideas and make Image creatives, captions, and hashtag options immaculately suggested to suit their brand. The users can then edit these generated posts and post them on the social platforms of their choice through’s co-founder Tanmay Ratnaparkhe, who previously built a SAAS company and successfully sold it to the largest digital media company in India said, “The Idea of building an AI-based social media Assistant partially came from our frustrations of not being able to be active on Social Media in my last start-up. Though we were growing fast, we never had the time to be active on social media and hence did not claim the additional traffic and business social media could generate. I spoke to a few entrepreneurs and realized everyone was sailing in the same boat. Everyone wants to grow their business and be seen on social media but no one has the time for it.

“We saw a lot of products in the market that generate text copy but visual content is of utmost importance for social media. Thinking of good ideas to post on one’s handles and making eye-catching creatives is a very difficult skill to master. It also takes a lot of time to keep executing regularly. This is where was born. We are seeing great traction with our user base has grown 80x in the last 4 months since the launch.”’s co-founders Akshay Karangale and Aakash Kerawat, who both are alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, added, “We are trying to solve one of the biggest issues faced by millions of small and medium businesses and marketers across the globe. Our AI can generate personalized and almost ready-to-use social media post options for any given business in just a few clicks. To top it up, our AI also gives objective suggestions like the best time to post so that you can have better performance for your posts. These are all critical elements for any business to grow, flourish and sustain on social media. Our solutions are for all the brands that want to improve and nurture social media for business development.”

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