Marketing Automation

Creating Ways for Businesses to Fulfill Their Marketing Needs

Pritt Investment Partners promises to invest in ventures like Brandzoid! that help create a better environment for businesses and facilitates communities.
marketing automation

Pritt Investment Partners (PIP) is proud to partner with Brandzoid!, a next-generation marketing agency that is offering innovative new ways for businesses to fulfill their marketing needs. In addition to offering the conventional services that other agencies offer, Brandzoid! makes it easy for clients to get real time updates on their campaigns and other marketing tasks via a convenient digital portal. Through Brandzoid!’s digital portal, clients can subscribe to different services and track their budget. These tasks are delivered by experts in design, social media, branding and web development.

With a $300,000 investment from PIP, Brandzoid! is expanding its business to offer a simple, speedy and sophisticated way for businesses to fulfill their printing tasks. Offering a new business card printing solution, clients only need to set up a business card template once. When clients require business cards for new employees, the data can be input online and printed business cards will be delivered to their door.

The Director of People, Standards & Results at PIP, Mr. Scott Tripp, in his media notes said, “PIP at its core is a company that wants to give back to communities through its investments. Brandzoid!’s expansion will enable small businesses to access affordable marketing and printing services, providing them with innovative tools to conduct their operations in the best way possible.”

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