Creatio Introduces Latest Solutions and Templates on Creatio Marketplace for Better Operational Efficiency


Creatio, a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company, is excited to share the list of seven latest solutions on the Creatio Marketplace martech news. They will improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, help to generate more leads, and contribute to customer loyalty:

AI-powered call analytics platform for Creatio

A powerful tool tailored to improve your call center efficiency. Its artificial Intelligence component automatically transcribes and analyzes agent calls, identifying preset key events. The AI-powered call analytics platform works in tandem with RingCentral or KAZOO telephony, automatically scrutinizing all inbound and outbound calls martech.

Trello connector for Creatio

A useful connector that helps companies organize and prioritize their team’s work. With this tool, you can easily export a project structure to a selected Trello board to track the performance status of tasks and percentage of work completed on project.

PDF Generator connector for Creatio

An advanced add-on that allows users to create custom print forms and reports in PDF, HTML and XLSX formats. It allows users to configure both tabular reports and printable forms for any department.

Change of an object assignee

This template allows users to reassign objects from one employee to another to cover assigned workloads while an employee is away on vacation, PTO or unexpected sick leave.

Recently viewed records for Creatio

This tool keeps track of recently viewed records so users can quickly return to them without wasting time searching. As the user navigates from record to record, the add-on tracks the history and groups the records into sections.

Lead and Opportunity TAT dashboard

This template enables sales reps to view the time spent on each lead stage and opportunity stage, as well as see the average TAT across all leads and opportunities. The template can be used as a sample to develop TAT dashboards for various business verticals separately.

Marketing record types in timeline

This tool expands chronological insights of your customer history by marketing events: campaign, bulk email, and website events. It can be used as a sample to display custom record types in a timeline.

More applications are available on the Creatio Marketplace.

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