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Creative Content Agency Very Polite Launches Global Branding Fund

Agency unveils worldwide contest to help businesses thrive
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Vancouver-based creative agency Very Polite has announced a global contest with a branding package prize worth $150,000 to benefit businesses that have felt the negative impacts of COVID-19. Aptly named Brand Me, this is a unique opportunity for brands who may be experiencing the financial strain of the pandemic and are looking to launch, rebrand, or grow their business. The winner will receive a complete branding package provided by the agency.

From day one, Very Polite has operated inversely to the status quo, whether in their creative campaigns or solution-driven tactics. The Brand Me contest continues their unconventional approach by giving back in a way that also inspires and restores creativity.

“We were fortunate to not only survive the days of COVID-19 when many had to scale down, but we actually thrived by pivoting and refocusing aspects of our agency,” explains Andrea Mestrovic, VP Brand Strategy and Partner at Very Polite. “We wanted to find a way to give back, to aid and revitalize a brand that is still facing the reality of these hard times, but in turn also help boost the people and businesses that surround it. This is not the time to be stagnant.”

Brand Me is currently accepting submissions worldwide and is applicable to businesses of all industries and scale. Brands simply have to submit their entry on the website, and a winner will be announced on September 6th.

“There are so many businesses out there that have the potential for something great, but just need that one chance,” shares Dylan Rekert, VP Creative and Partner at Very Polite. “We’re excited to launch this and see who we will be working with. Stay tuned.”

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