Criteo Expands Shopify Integration to Drive New Growth for Merchants

With access to Criteo's unique AI and commerce data, Shopify merchants like VRAI have already achieved 300% ROAS

Criteo (Nasdaq: CRTO), the commerce media company, today announced the next phase of its integration with Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), a provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce. For the first time, Criteo and Shopify’s thousands of merchants and clients in the U.S. can access the Criteo App on the Shopify App Store thanks to new self-registration capabilities to unlock self-service set-up via the Criteo Commerce Growth Platform. Now Shopify merchants and marketers can quickly and easily integrate with Criteo’s network to grow their businesses through greater personalization, access to high-intent buyer audiences and increased retention of desired customers.

As marketers face macroeconomic challenges, every ad dollar counts and acquiring new customers effectively and efficiently is critical to their strategies. With insight into nearly one trillion dollars of ecommerce sales, Criteo’s commerce media platform enables growth opportunities by providing Shopify merchants with access to solutions that leverage the world’s largest set of commerce data and industry-leading AI to find people who are ready to buy.

“In the always evolving digital landscape, we continue to scale our marketing solutions, enabling more features and functionalities for ecommerce businesses to reach valuable audiences to drive commerce outcomes,” said Rory Mitchell, General Manager of Global Growth at Criteo. “We’re excited about this next step in our integration with Shopify to allow merchants to quickly set up their account, start activating their campaign, and grow their business – all without extensive digital marketing experience and expertise.”

In 2022, Shopify merchant and sustainable fine jewelry and engagement ring brand, VRAI partnered with Criteo to grow their ecommerce business, leveraging Criteo’s ability to activate first-party commerce data to connect with their most valuable audiences. VRAI successfully ran several full-funnel campaigns, targeting consumers across their entire shopper journey to achieve their acquisition and retention goals, ultimately achieving an overall 300% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) year-over-year.

“Since implementing Criteo’s technology, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in high-intent shoppers to our website, while the ease of use and customization of the tools have made it incredibly easy to create targeted campaigns that speak directly to the right audiences,” said Sam Bench, Director of Performance Marketing at VRAI. “These supercharged results with Criteo have truly been a game changer for our business as a Shopify merchant.”

David Wurtz, Vice President of Product at Shopify added: “Criteo’s self-service set-up unlocks a whole new set of possibilities for Shopify merchants looking to harness the open web and acquire new customers.”

Criteo and Shopify have collaborated since 2018. In 2022, Criteo joined the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program and Certified App Program to give Shopify merchants access to its customer acquisition and retention solutions to drive commerce outcomes. Last year, Criteo saw a 36% year-over-year increase in the number of new Shopify merchants using Criteo.

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