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Crowd Media announces a new deal with KINN Living, adds another revenue stream

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The online marketing leader firm, Crowd Media has not been affected with a slowdown in its business due to the disruption caused by the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 over the past two months.

The martech news space has featured Crowd Media over that time, for generating and adding three new revenue streams with names of global brands. This is a testament to the versatile and market fit business of the company and how it has been able to sustain and withstand such difficult crisis situations.

The company announced its latest deal with KINN Living, the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products based out of the U.K.

Crowd Media has now launched the Europe-focused website of KINN Living, officially, for driving sales of the products of the company into the EU marketspace.

The product line of KINN includes various home-cleaning products such as surface sprays and a range of organic hand-wash as opposed to the alcohol-based cleansers that can be utilized for preventing the spread of germs during these times of virus that is spread through contact.
The analysis report from Research & Markets displayed that KINN is at the forefront of pivoting to green cleaning.

Crowd Media had to leverage its market expertise spread across digital marketing and social media and intellectual property to effectively launch the site.
The result of which is a sales website that is compatible with five different languages, ten different payment methods, and four different currencies, along with direct links to all major channels of social media.

The site can be engaged with, in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German and goods can be bought using AUD, EUR, GBP, and USD. It also integrates the pay later option by Klarna.
Domenic Carosa, the CEO of Crowd Media believes that this is a remarkable achievement for both parties for launching such a versatile platform.

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