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Crystalead Introduces New Data Analytics Tools on Its Platform

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With global markets partially returning to regular volumes and with the advertising sector acting accordingly, reputed digital marketing firm Crystalead has announced modification to its analytical system, aimed at bettering the performance of marketers using the brand’s platform. All new tools added to the infrastructure are open to all of Crystalead’s clients, regardless of their account budgets or deposit frequencies.

“We are preparing ourselves for the commercial reality of the post pandemic world, and this step is just part of our strategy in that sense,” said Crystalead’s spokesperson, Johnathan Greenwood. “As more and more sectors start opening up in different areas around the world, the demand for digital advertising is set to rise. We want all advertisers working with us to stay ahead of the game, so they can reach new heights, and we’re sure these new tools can assist in that.”

Come back stronger

Leading financial experts have recently changed their forecasts, now projecting that the bounce back from the economic slowdown will occur faster than originally expected. For that reason, Crystalead’s board of directors has decided to launch these new analytic tools ahead of time. Among the new and improved features are charts measuring accurate conversion rates over different periods of time, precise graphs calculating average income, click rates divided into demographic categories, and more.

“It doesn’t end here, though. It’s not only about the tools. We’ve also enhanced our team of skilled analysts, at our customers’ service around the clock. The new recruits, as well as the veteran ones, will be there to help all users of the platform understand how these new tools work, as well as to add the human touch sometimes necessary for ensuring client satisfaction and success,” promised Greenwood.

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