CTS’ Ad Management Platform, TTC’s Rights Management Platform Integrate

Comcast Technology Solutions and The TEAM Companies offer advertisers a unified solution for creative asset management, media activation, tracking talent, and licensed elements across all linear and digital advertising
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Today, Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) and The TEAM Companies (TTC) announced an enhanced integration between CTS’ Ad Management Platform and the TEAM Companies’ Talent & Rights Management Platform. The new solution allows marketers to seamlessly manage complex campaign workflows including creative asset management, traffic, distribution, and rights management using a single interface. This simplifies the creative activation process and provides marketers with visibility and control of their campaigns across video and audio channels.

“Combining creative, media operations, and talent rights into a unified solution brings enhanced automation to a traditionally manual process,” said Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager of the Advertising Suite at Comcast Technology Solutions. “With the integration of talent and licensing information from The TEAM Companies, marketers can now manage a vast number of commercial ads through one interface and reduce the risk of financial exposure associated with airing commercials whose talent rights have expired. Our streamlined integration gives marketers more visibility and control of their campaigns across channels.”

“Violations for expired permissions or an asset being used outside of negotiated territories or media can be costly. Without a central source to house talent and licensed element information and a method for tracking an asset’s use across multiple media channels, the risk of a marketer losing track of talent and element rights is high,” said Greg Smith, COO, The TEAM Companies. He added, “This is a real pain point for advertisers. As marketers wrap their arms around the difficulties of managing their own creative supply chain, talent and rights management adds another hurdle. The integration with the Ad Management Platform is extremely helpful for marketers to manage both the ads and the rights at the same time.”

The enhanced integration between TTC’s platform and Comcast Technology Solutions Ad Management Platform provides marketers with end-to-end control of commercial rights management. To learn more about Comcast Technology Solutions and the Ad Management Platform, visit:

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