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Curacity Partners with CitizenNet to Turn Instagram into a Measurable, Revenue-Driving Platform for Hotels

Evolution of Influencer Marketing in the Travel industry
Curacity Partners with CitizenNet to Turn Instagram into a Measurable, Revenue-Driving Platform for Hotels

Curacity, a data analytics company serving the luxury hotel industry, today announced that the company is partnering with CitizenNet, a Condé Nast company. CitizenNet is a Facebook Marketing Partner that focuses on Audience Prediction Technology. By partnering with CitizenNet, Curacity will introduce a new product, turning influencers into a quantifiable, revenue-driving channel for luxury hotels. Through this partnership, Curacity and CitizenNet will be bringing to market the first end-to-end, influencer marketing solution for Instagram that will advance social media and influencer marketing for luxury hotels.

Leveraging Instagram, Facebook, and CitizenNet, Curacity will be able to help travel brands media plan for the best influencers, promote branded content, and measure the revenue impact of that content across Instagram.

The hospitality industry has a growing market of both supply and demand for Influencer Marketing, and a data-backed solution to planning and measurement is critical for success. Curacity’s omni-channel datasets and one-of-a-kind infrastructure has proved, over the past 24 months, that editorial content drives hotel bookings; in turn, hotels have received a measurable ROI based on incremental, downstream direct booking revenue.

“We’re cracking the code of turning the demand that influencers on Instagram create into an investable and measurable revenue channel for hotels,” said Mike Keriakos, Founder and CEO of Curacity. “Travel, and hotels in particular, are one of the top categories of content shared on Instagram. Using our data network to get the right revenue-generating influencers into brand-aligned hotels should represent the most exciting new distribution opportunity the hotel industry has seen in a long time.”

Ultimately, Curacity aspires to enable luxury hotels to turn 1 percent of their unoccupied rooms, given to the right influencers, into 5 to 10 percent of their direct revenue. Curacity already has access to omni-channel customer data from over 300 of the world’s top luxury hotels representing more than $300 million of customer acquisition spend.

“There is a high frequency of Influencer Marketing campaigns being deployed throughout the travel industry; however, the influencer marketing value chain remains highly fragmented and antiquated,” stated Dan Benyamin, Founder and CEO of CitizenNet. “We are thrilled to partner with Curacity to bring to market a turnkey product that uses statistical reasoning and a data backed approach to plan, activate and measure the impact of branded content, while reducing risk and increasing scalability, for travel and hospitality brands.”

About Curacity
Curacity is a data analytics company focused on the travel sector. The company’s first product to-market is Omni-channel Revenue Attribution (“ORA”), a data measurement tool that serves hotels. ORA helps hotels drive, measure and analyze how digital publishing content converts to direct bookings, while also allowing publishers to measure the connection of every booking that results from their content within a window of up to 12 months. Mike Keriakos, Co-Founder and CEO, is a digital marketing veteran who formerly co-founded Everyday Health. Nick Slavin, Co-Founder and President, has a background in real estate and hospitality private equity. Curacity is headquartered in New York City and Stamford, CT.

About CitizenNet 
CitizenNet is at the intersection of big data, content-centric business solutions and marketing. Using the latest patented technologies, the company has grown to be the leading social advertising platform in entertainment, social monetization and publishing. With a database of over 850 million social pages and prediction algorithms that analyze over 100 million social transaction a day, CitizenNet enables a data-backed approach for ideation and activation across the social marketing value chain. CitizenNet is part of Condé Nast’s Spire data team, leveraging social media and data from one of the world’s largest content networks to enhance publisher, first-party audiences for scalable, social amplification.

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