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Customer Engagement Platform Weave Unveils New Features for SMEs

Digital Forms & Web Assistant Create New Efficiencies in Servicing New Customers
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Weave, the all-in-one customer communications platform for small business, announced the launch of two products to make it easier and faster for businesses to add new customers.

Digital Forms and Web Assistant are available today to new and existing Weave customers. The new features simplify the way small businesses can schedule appointments and collect necessary information — making the journey from the first conversation to the first appointment a modern experience for the office and their customer.

“Whenever small businesses can make it easier and faster for a potential customer to take the first step into their business, it’s a better experience all around,” said Weave CEO Roy Banks. “Features like Digital Forms and Web Assistant revolutionize how small businesses bring on new customers and give them a huge advantage against their competitors by offering personalized and technology-driven experiences.”

Digital Forms are fully customizable, paperless forms that can be completed by customers and patients at their convenience and on their device of choice, modernizing small business operations while creating a better customer experience. Forms are easy to build and create, and the business owner and staff can monitor whether forms have been completed and follow up with patients and customers via text or email.

Web Assistant brings a unique and pain-free alternative to web chat into the Weave unified communications ecosystem and helps new and existing customers schedule appointments or get personalized responses to quick questions, even when the office is busy or closed for the day. Requesting an appointment is easy for the customer, and they don’t have to worry about waiting at their desktop with a tab open for a response or getting an impersonal chatbot answer. Weave’s Text Connect tool collects a name and phone number from the customer and creates an SMS conversation thread, allowing the busy customer and business owner to chat asynchronously and at their convenience. Customers can close their window and move on to their next to-do list item knowing they’ll get an actual response from a real human directly to their phone.

Web Assistant and Digital Forms are not the first new features added to Weave’s all-in-one communication platform in 2021. Earlier in the year, Weave expanded its services to multi-office small businesses with the launch of Unify, allowing growing businesses to provide meaningful customer interactions across multiple locations, while streamlining internal operations and staffing.

Weave’s focus on supporting small business growth takes center stage this week at the free digital Business Growth Summit on May 19, where businesses can gather unique insights on how to attract new customers from comedian and actor Ken Jeong, YouTube phenom Lindsey Stirling and Weave CEO Roy Banks.

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