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Customer engagement solutions Leader WIZ.AI launches TalkGPT


WIZ.AI, a global leader in AI-powered customer engagement solutions, launches TalkGPT, ASEAN’s first generative AI-enabled omnichannel solution for customer engagement. Designed to revolutionize customer outreach across industries, TalkGPT leverages ChatGPT’s large language model and WIZ.AI’s localized expertise, providing a smooth, omnichannel conversational experience.

TalkGPT is a self-service solution where users can create, test and deploy a ChatGPT-powered WIZ.AI Talkbot within 5 minutes. Campaigns can be implemented in just a few clicks. TalkGPT automatically generates dynamic call conversations and WhatsApp messages. The designed campaign communications are then delivered by the WIZ.AI Talkbot, the company’s flagship solution that understands and responds to customers’ responses just like human agents. These optimized customer engagements, based on proven practices that are informed by the ChatGPT language model, deliver persuasive and emotionally-tuned messages. The result is a more engaging conversational experience for end users and customers.

Because it is built on the foundation of WIZ.AI’s platform, TalkGPT can engage with over 1 million customers in just 1 hour. This makes TalkGPT a viable go-to solution for large-scale customer growth efforts. With TalkGPT, companies of any size can quickly engage with customers through various channels, leading to timely customer interactions and improved ROI. Key to TalkGPT’s accessibility to all kinds of businesses is its entirely self-service process of ideating, iterating, and implementing customer engagement campaigns.

New tech, same mission: revolutionizing customer engagement for businesses

“The technologies used may evolve rapidly as we see today with ChatGPT, but ultimately we are still focused on the same mission: offering businesses innovative ways to engage with customers through AI, solutions that can enhance efficiency, drive growth, and deliver an elevated customer experience.” shares Jennifer Zhang, CEO and co-founder of WIZ.AI.  “Now everyone can be their own CMO. TalkGPT unlocks new content ideas and channels to reach their target customers.”

In Southeast Asia, there is a significant market potential for solutions like TalkGPT, as businesses seek to adopt more efficient and cost-effective ways of engaging with customers. With this latest customer engagement solution tucked into its portfolio, WIZ.AI is poised to further expand its reach and impact in the region. Many of WIZ.AI’s clients have already experienced up to 40% increase in engagement rates and 5.3x higher cost efficiencies from the WIZ.AI flagship Talkbot solution. Many of these businesses have plans to deploy WIZ.AI products to other business units and develop further use cases.

The possibilities for TalkGPT are numerous, with use cases ranging from promoting products and services to sending timely reminders to customers. For instance, businesses can use TalkGPT to announce promotional campaigns, new product launches, and other marketing initiatives. The solution can also send personalized and timely reminders to customers, reducing missed payments and appointments. Moreover, TalkGPT can also be used to send secure one-time passcodes via phone calls or messages, based on customer preferences.

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