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Customer Research Platform Invoke Launches Vis-a-Vis

The Cutting-Edge Innovation in Online Consumer Research Allows Clients to Hold Face-to-Face Discussions with Real Audience Members and Quantifies Reactions in Real-Time.
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Invoke, a global leader in online consumer market research, today announced the launch of Vis-a-Vis, the latest addition to its arsenal of market research solutions. The technology enables Invoke’s clients – including content creators, production teams, and distributors as well as general consumer marketing executives — to conduct face-to-face, online focus groups as a complement to the company’s current online research offerings. Vis-a-Vis brings the full end-to-end content and theater testing experience into a virtual environment. The announcement was made by Gigi Wang, Invoke’s CEO.

“Vis-a-Vis goes beyond online focus groups, blending the data-rich, interactive elements of a typical Invoke session with the irreplaceable value of seeing real-time, face-to-face reactions from target viewers,” Wang said. “It’s a major win for entertainment creators and general consumer marketers seeking an understanding of their audiences’ reactions, and — more importantly — why they feel the way they do. This allows teams to confidently turn around same-day, audience-driven changes from storylines and character development to marketing campaigns.”

Vis-a-Vis elevates the current research offering and creates a one-stop, turnkey solution to uncover all of the rich qual/quant insights needed to respond to a constantly evolving market dynamic. It is also able to efficiently deliver the insights required to refine content and marketing campaigns in a data-informed, consumer-focused way.

For the past decade, Invoke has been an industry leader in cloud-based consumer research. Known for its cutting-edge technology in the entertainment, advertising, and general consumer products sectors, the tech company unlocks same-day consumer insights that entertainment and consumer product marketers need to optimize their content, marketing, and products for their target audiences. Based in Boston with offices in Los Angeles and New York City, Invoke empowers clients to probe deeply to identify the root drivers of consumer preference and behavior.

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