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Customer Story: Account Visibility is a Marketing Superpower

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One of the biggest challenges marketers face is the inability to predict when an account is in an active buying cycle. In b2b marketing, that type of information can be a game changer for business growth. Without visibility into an account’s purchase journey, you’re stuck playing a guessing game on when to reach out, how to reach out, and who to reach out to.

Having the right tools as part of your martech stack can drastically change the way you grow pipeline and make a real impact on revenue. Fortunately, with the right data and strategy, you can overcome this challenge and propel your team to focus on moving the needle where and when it matters most.

We recently sat down with our client, Dodge Data & Analytics, to discuss why it’s so important to have insight into when a prospect is ready to buy, and how the company pivoted its marketing strategy to account-based marketing (ABM) to better position itself for success. You can watch the testimonial here.

Taking on a New Approach 
Dodge Data & Analytics is a provider of analytics and software-based workflow integration solutions for the construction industry. The company was having trouble connecting with enterprise accounts. Taking the traditional approach to marking, i.e. form fills, Dodge Data wasn’t getting interest from larger targets. So it decided to take a different approach and rolled out an ABM strategy to target prospects by domain in order to personalize each experience.

Account-based marketing allowed Dodge Data to put the right message in front of the right account at the right time. The company utilized Triblio for a display campaign where they were able to personalize the ad specifically to a target account. It’s Performance Marketing Director, Hasaan Brown, leveraged ads, web personalization, and LinkedIn campaigns to expand the reach of their marketing content and drive engagement. As a result, with ABM, Dodge Data improved the way it ran marketing campaigns.

Implementing a successful ABM strategy can give your company the power to reinforced 1:1 messaging as it did with Dodge Data & Analytics. Account-based marketing enabled the company to grow brand impressions and drive traffic to the site. Rather than rely on form fills, Dodge Data was able to measure campaign success monitoring engagement from target accounts.

“I don’t feel the urge to reach out to somebody and get them to fill out a form. I just look in Triblio and see that these people are engaging with the messaging.” 

Hasaan Brown, Performance Marketing Director, Dodge Data & Analytics

The Importance of Visibility 
Dodge Data was able to pivot their marketing strategy to find new ways to engage target accounts that didn’t include the traditional form fill. So what other benefit did ABM bring to the company? Visibility into target accounts.

Visibility is paramount in bringing in new business. A martech platform that uses intent data can pick up on signals that prospects are researching you or your competitors, allowing marketers to prioritize accounts in an active buying cycle. That is game-changing! According to Hasaan, “Without Triblio, I’d be blind to a lot of things. Triblio brings a lot of this account behavior and activity right in front of me so I can act upon it. That’s powerful.”

Why Marketers Should Implement ABM
By working together as one revenue team to prioritize your most valuable accounts, you can increase win rates, decrease time to close and build lasting relationships with the right accounts. That type of functioning business requires both the marketing and sales teams to work hand-in-hand in order to cover all the bases within the purchase journey. Getting the sales team to buy into ABM can make the world of a difference. In fact, a successful account-based marketing campaign can’t work without support and input from sales.

At the end of the day, ABM is not one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to tailor your approach based on your business’ goals, needs, and audience. Most importantly, as a marketer, you need to make sure you select marketing technology that allows you to gain visibility into your target accounts. With that insight, you’re able to aggregate all your account data to easily build, manage, and report on target account lists. With that knowledge and insight, you’ll be able to instantly boost campaign success.

    Ben Fettes | Co-Founder, Director & Head of Strategy, The Lumery’s

    Joanne Mason
    Senior Marketing Specialist at Triblio
    Joanne is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of sponsored conferences and custom events for Triblio along with managing Triblio’s social media activity, as well as assist with the development and distribution of marketing communication.

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